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The Best Cannabis Nutrient Feeding Schedule– General Hydroponics — Better Than The Lucas Formula! Welcome Back to It’s Chronic! I get the question ALL THE TIME, “Chronic, what nutrients should I use to grow my weed??” haha You can use any kind of nutrients really (General Hydroponics is what I use) but after many years of growing I’ve come up with the perfect nutrient feeding schedule that’s set in stone week by week that guarantees insane yields and delicious terpines which all add up to the finest medical grade cannabis that your genetics allow!!!! I didn’t want to originally but figured it is probably about time to disclose my secret recipe for cannabis growing success! A foolproof (and the best) Cannabis nutrient feeding schedule out there! This General Hydroponics nutrient schedule knocks the socks off product grown using the ever-popular Lucas Formula! This no frills cannabis nutrient feeding schedule uses General Hydroponics Nutrients. General Hydroponics FloraGrow, General Hydroponics FloraMicro, General Hydroponics FloraBloom, General Hydroponics KoolBloom (liquid) and common household Epsom Salts! The General Hydroponics nutrient lineup is cheap and effective when growing cannabis, minimal amounts are needed to grow cannabis like the pros. You can achieve top notch medical quality cannabis using this incredibly simple General Hydroponics based cannabis nutrient feeding schedule! This is probably one of my favorite Tips Tuesdays that I had planned, I swear by this nutrient schedule and use it on every single plant I grow. It’s proven to grow the most potent dank, flavorful flowers (nugs) that exist. You’ll notice bigger yields, beefier harder nugs, and insane flavors and smells due to the increase in terpines compared to the Lucas Formula. If you have any question about these nutrients and this feeding schedule don’t hesitate to comment below I’d love to chat with you guys […]

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  • CWP ENTERTAINMENT 2016 1 month ago

    opps imeant why doesn't it smell like buds

  • CWP ENTERTAINMENT 2016 1 month ago

    hey I have a question at harvest I'm drying my plant but it smell like plant why does it smell like buds

  • Zackery Manuncia 1 month ago

    great video

  • Gordons Frīmens 1 month ago

    Nice video 🙂 What is the dosage of epsom salt ? How much to add in water reservuar ? Thanks!

  • camarao nativo camarao nativo 1 month ago

    Hi, I started to grow recently and used a receipe with basically the same products as you did. However I ended up buying the dry kool bloom as well. Should I leave out and follow yours or is there a way you see I can fit it in? I appreciate you time, thanks.

  • Michael Bauman 1 month ago

    So all your measurements are ml per gallon correct?

  • Coin Op 1 month ago

    is this as good for soil do you know?

  • james martin 1 month ago

    Cool man,makes sense,im in week 4 now,so ill try it next go,but otherwise eveything else in my set up seems fine,thanx for your input bud!

  • james martin 1 month ago

    Im actually trying to work out the best time to use either calmag and sulphur,which weeks in particular!! Cheers.

  • james martin 1 month ago

    Hey bud,might sound dumb but anyways,why do u stop using mg half way through flower?

  • Chad Garbe 1 month ago

    the Epsom salt you used. is there a difference between what I've seen in the garden stores or in the pharmacies I've seen? I don't want to get the wrong one if there is a difference

  • Joshua Allen 1 month ago

    This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much bud. You sound a little like Seth Rogan. Subscribed! My IG: Medibles. Check out how your information helped me out!

  • Farid Asi 1 month ago

    How often should I feed?

  • Orange jewlius 1 month ago

    Hey! i'm a newbie in growing and your videos help alot. cheers!

  • Keizersoze 1 month ago

    probably a dumb question but, each time are you doing a 3 gallon mix up (even for week 2 onward) using only a bit at first, saving whats left, using that say every other day until that 3 gallon is gone and re mixing another 3 gallon….and so on ( basically can i just save what i dont feed and re use it the same 3 gallon the whole week, or am i gonna have to do math to dilute down from your 3 gallon equation? )
    do you also feed every other day or do you let them dry out a bit before feeding or you said you bottom feed so you just have a tray pretty much always with water in?
    sorry for seriously dumb sounding questions but tbh there is so much bull crap info out there it makes it hard to get it right.


  • Jacob Suttles 1 month ago

    You need a cal-mag additive! Add it first then Micro then Grow then Bloom.

  • BOB FLOSS 1 month ago

    will this work for one plant in coco

  • Kush Arcade 1 month ago

    Good video. I'm confused about not adding magnesium though. I see you add the epsom salt at week 4 of veg, but i would think by then you would be a little deficient in mag. Also, my tap water ppms are mad high! Will this recipe work with RO water? Hope you take the time to answer. Thanks man.

  • Sand man 1 month ago

    ever add floralicious superthrize azos or diamond nectar after you mix?

  • G_rebelion 1 month ago

    how long will nutrients last if made by the gallon? i in about week 3 in 3 gallon pots and dont wanna over feed/over water