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The Garden Tower Project has come a very long way in 2013 thanks to thousands of supporters and gardeners like you. ( We’ve been able to give a lot back to community education and food programs, and we keep improving the quality and capabilities of the Garden Tower. One week ago we released the Terracotta Tower (, the most durable and aesthetic Garden Tower ever. Our goals for the Project are mighty — with your help we’re getting there 50 plants (and a lot of hard work) at a time. For making this dream possible; we have the deepest thanks. The Garden Tower Project is a new, socially-responsible business concept, based in Bloomington, Indiana. Focusing on the accessibility gap for wholesome food, the Garden Tower Project strives to create easy availability of fresh, organic food to populations who lack either the access, or the ability to grow their own food. The primary goal is to make this happen innovatively, collaboratively, and affordably. The Garden Tower is a 50-plant vertical container garden that transforms your kitchen scraps directly into organic fertilizer. The result is considerably faster, more abundant veggie, flower, and herb growth than conventional gardening can offer. It is the perfect solution for anyone who either; lacks resources, desires the ability to grow their own food, or simply wants an easier way, to a low-cost, abundant harvest. Our Mission is to provide a superior portable, Non-GMO & heirloom supporting, gardening ecosystem.”The Garden Tower is a revolutionary self-contained garden/composting system with the potential to transform home gardening, urban gardening, and world hunger programs. At the Garden Tower Project, we are passionate about healthy food for everyone. We believe in doing everything we can as a sustainable and responsible business to help those most in need. We are working towards a more […]

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  • martysgarden 1 year ago

    Totally awesome. I am a huge fan of this system, is it available in Australia yet?