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TF2 Moments of Glory is a video series highlighting user submitted frag runs. This edition of Moments of Glory is produced by Lucky Luke. Demos can be submitted via a form on our website: Music: Niklas Ahlström – I Am The King (Epidemic Sound) Moment of Glory #413 features insanez0rd (Soldier) from Brazil. In 6v6 on Process, insanez0rd gets 6 kills including an airshot and 3 market garden kills to help his team win a round. Support eXtv, become a Patron, help us create more highlight videos! Can’t donate via Patreon but want to send us a gift via Steam? Send a trade offer via this link. We’ll use some items (keys and metal) to get stuff for our Patreon supporters. Join our steam group! Like us on facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Tweets by LucVisuals Related PostsNext Avenue Moments | Benefits of Community GardeningMiracle Grow Indoor Garden — Gardening for the beginnerMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDENING! – GROW UPDATE ON 4 WEED PLANTSVLOG Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo 2015 (PART 1)Maximum Yield’s 2014 San Francisco Indoor Gardening @ Long Beach Indoor Gardening Expo 2011

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