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15-year-old Erik Meike and Briana Das, along with their 12-year-old sisters Elise and Leona, wanted to create a Related PostsSuregrow’s Aeroponics & Hydroponics Fully Automated Farming – +91-9944018800Metro Crops – Turning Old Factories into High Tech Lettuce Farms – Storrs ConnecticutAutomated Indoor Vertical Grow Wall with LED Lighting + More at CES 2017AIO Innovation Automated Vertical Soil-less Aeroponic Garden water flow descriptionHow to Create & Manage an Organic Garden : Benefits of Organic GardeningIndoor Farming – Philips City Farming – Tech News 2016

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  • phxtonash 1 year ago

    I have a huge backyard with a big garden. I buy zero fertilizer or pesticide. But these young adults are great. Wonderful system?

  • sailingsolar 1 year ago

    The Kratky Method is the most efficient hydroponics method period

  • GrowingDownUnder 1 year ago

    How these kids so smart at that age? i'm twice as old and not even half as smart?

  • Nathan Roberts 1 year ago

    Awesome work guys! Curious, how long do the foggers last or has there been any issues? Heard they can clog easy and don't last long but would love some first hand experience.?

  • Xanode 1 year ago

    are the foggers they use the same as the ones from ebay water features and small humidifiers??

  • akbanhegyi 1 year ago

    these kids are way ahead of their age, great to see this :)?

  • akbanhegyi 1 year ago

    Those nutrients are not organic, but GH does have a line of organic liquid nutrients as well.
    Optimal water droplet size

  • czzocker 1 year ago

    does anyone know which fogger they used and where i can get it?
    thx chris?

  • dissinger888 1 year ago

    What is their information source on the NASA fogponics? I just reviewed NASA's documents dating all the way back to 1976 twice and didn't find anything on fogponics. I was hoping to find something on it to help me on my prototype.?

  • Yonah Be 1 year ago

    What I wonder is if this rapid growing by aeroponics&hydroponic has some downsides regarding taste, nutritions, and so on? As i know from conventional gartening the overuse of fertilizer can cause to harmful chemical reactions like Nitrosamine. Also using PVC for tubes and buckets isn

  • fickitonetime 1 year ago

    Great job future Nasa scientists!?

  • Martin Whitehurst 1 year ago

    Hey great job, love what y'all are doing. I'm trying to get this all figured out and I need some help. How do you find out the right mist maker/Fogger to use??? Are most of them ( on eBay) have the 4 MHz or right microns? Sorry not sure how to spell it. ?

  • tim roth 1 year ago

    This is straight legit. These cats got it going on. Hell ya.?

  • seanosomething 1 year ago

    WELL DONE ! ….. keep up the great work guys.?

  • maxxlexx1 1 year ago


  • maxxlexx1 1 year ago


  • MsSilverkate 1 year ago

    They say they teach this as a class. Is there a way to contact their parents on if there is an e class or a list of parts and a building plan for the aeroponic 5 Gal bucket system? Thank you.?

  • Bryan Duarte 1 year ago

    Can you tell me where you got your atomizer? I can't seem to find one in Phoenix that is

  • jevlabanan 1 year ago

    Coolest kids ever?

  • mikeyo1O1 1 year ago

    Nice work so far.