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In this video, Liquid Jade talks about flushing cannabis using a hydroponic system - DWC (deep water culture) Video Submitted By: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMKLWTAad-oTBNBWC6Qh59Q P...

Fractal Water Vortex Magnetic Water Hydroponics Greenhouse The Flower Farm Prospect, CT

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http://www.fractalwater.com Fractal Water visits The Flower Farm in Prospect, CT to talk to Tom Giamatti about his Fractal Water Vortex Magnetic System installation in his new Hydroponic Gre...

Know About Wick Hydroponic Systems – Water Culture

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Wick hydroponic system how to grow marijuana. How to use the wick system easy hydroponic method light reaching rich water starts growth of algae. Nutrient film 18 sep 2014 additionally there...


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In this video, Liquid Jade shows us his clones in a DWC system (Deep Water Culture) Video Submitted By: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMKLWTAad-oTBNBWC6Qh59Q Products shown/mentioned in...

How To Water Your Garden in the Summer by BLACK+DECKER

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Summer gardening starts with watering! But how much should you water your garden in the summer? And when should you water your garden? In this video, Katherine Whiteside, author of six garde...

Let’s Water The Plants Today | Animated Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Kids

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Watch animated popular kids song 'Let's Water The Plants Today' with catchy music and great visual animation and characters only on Kidszone. Watch & Read along Animated Story Books @ http...

How to Water a Vegetable Garden by Hand

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Very basic video, but hopefully helpful. The lesson today....only water at the base of your plants when watering by hand with tap (city) water. I prefer to use fresh rain water, and typica...

Low Cost Hydroponics System (Deep Water Culture – DWC)

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Sharing With You The Setup and Processes of A Low Cost Hydroponics System namely Deep Water Culture Short form DWC . You are given a walk through with clear understanding. Have fun viewing ...

Hydroponics Water Pump (EcoPlus, Flexible and Convertible Horizontal to Vertical)

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Introducing Hydroponics Water Pump. They are Convertible Bottom Draw pumps with different gallons per hour ranges. Its merits are their inter-changeable outlet fitting. Freedom for horizonta...

Tiny Backyard Pond | Water Gardens Maryland | Water Garden ideas for your MD backyard |

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The smallest backyard pond in Baltimore, Maryland. Enjoy this exclusive tour of a tiny water garden in MD. Amazing Gardens & Pond | Baltimore, MD | Arbor Ridge | Baltimore County Pond Comp...

World’s largest indoor vertical farm uses 95 percent less water and produces more food

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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY — The world’s largest indoor vertical farm is well on its way to producing millions of pounds of food a year while using less water. Last December, AeroFarms Inc. secu...

How to Build Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

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How to create your own bubble bucket


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In this video, Liquid Jade is growing weed in a hydroponic system. DWC (deep water culture) Video Submitted By: https://www.youtube.com/user/o0Jonny2Tone0o Products shown/mentioned in this...

8,000 Gallon “OFF GRID” Aqua Culture System, With A Green House Watered By A “Water Ram Pump”

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This is my two 4,000 gallon tank Aqua Culture system that provides thousands of fish and fertilized water for my Asparagus farm and 28' by 14' green house. The fields and green house are wat...

Vertical Farms – The Water Brothers

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Join The Water Brothers as they tour the new vertical farming system at Urban Barns just outside of Montreal, Quebec. As arable land and water for irrigation becomes increasingly scarce in o...

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