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Hydroponics Water Pump (EcoPlus, Flexible and Convertible Horizontal to Vertical)

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Introducing Hydroponics Water Pump. They are Convertible Bottom Draw pumps with different gallons per hour ranges. Its merits are their inter-changeable outlet fitting. Freedom for horizonta...

8,000 Gallon “OFF GRID” Aqua Culture System, With A Green House Watered By A “Water Ram Pump”

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This is my two 4,000 gallon tank Aqua Culture system that provides thousands of fish and fertilized water for my Asparagus farm and 28' by 14' green house. The fields and green house are wat...

Hayward EcoStar Pump

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Rite-Way Pools Inc http://www.ritewaypools.com info@ritewaypools.com 954-565-5562 The Hayward EcoStar is the most energy efficient pump at any speed. For more information and a free energy ...

Winter Hydroponic Outdoor Experiment with Solar Pump

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I am attempting to grow Tatsoi and Lettuce outdoor during winter. For a bubbler, I used a solar powered water pump, a very neat little system that works great when the sun is out. Due to t...


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HYDROPONICS HOME MADE SETUP NUTRIENT WATER WITH AIR PUMP commercial aquaponics system, indoor aquaponics, indoor aquaponic system, aquaponics grow beds, hydroponics system, hydroponics gro...

Homemade Hydroponics How To Pump Water From Air

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Homemade Hydroponics how to pump water from air pump. diy system showing water pumping action made from an aquarium pump. Diy hydroponic technique for fast growth. Build your own high pe...

How to Build Grow Raft Hydroponics System (No Air Pump)

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Hydroponic Gardens: The Lettuce Raft Method - Hydroponics- Grow Raft System kratky -Different Methods of Aquaponics-Aquaponic systems Floating raft construction -The Kratky Method & Floating...

Sizing a Pump for Your Aquaponics or Hydroponics System

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See more: http://blog.brightagrotech.com/pumps-for-aquaponics-or-hydroponics/ In this video, Dr. Nate Storey guides you through how to calculate and choose the right pump for your aquaponic...

DIY Aeroponic + Aquaponic + Air-Lift Pump Vertical Farming System

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Using of uPVC pipes, that similar to those commonly installed in housing estate, to create a vertical farming pipe. This pipe coupled with my DIY air-lift pump drawing fish poo water from my...

Sizing your Pump for Aquaponics

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Enjoy this free lesson on pump sizing from The Aquaponic Gardening Online Course taught by Sylvia Bernstein of The Aquaponic Source. For more information on this course please visit: www. V...