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Subnautica | Upgrading the Seamoth, Living Wall, Planters, New Base? #15 (Subnautica Gameplay) – Join me as we Survive a crash landing on the Flooded and Greatly alien planet humanity hopes to make home. My mission was to re-terraform the planet…but the crash left only myself so now we need to survive on this strange world. Get Your discount on 1Up Box here! - use the coupon “AWESOME” Intro made by Song- Mendum – Elysium Channel Art by- @nategraphics – DISCLAIMER – These thoughts and opinions are my own, and not that of my employer or the game creators. I purchased this game legally and all copyrights for the game are held by the Owners Video Rating: / 5 IKO9 walls full of life For any info or contact please visit our website: music: Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated (Instrumental) Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsTop 5 Living Wall Planters | hayneedle.comHow To Make a Living Wall Garden Out of Cone PlantersDIY SOS – BBC One – Living Wall Planters by Woolly Pockets – Garden House DesignLiving Wall Planters“WALL HACKER!” Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 NEW Gameplay with Scuba Soldier!

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  • Travis Reinecke 11 months ago

    I think the new base idea is good. You should go for it

  • alcathan Gr 11 months ago

    Will you revisit Miscreated , it has had some huge updates and has changed alot since you last played it

  • koen van rooy 11 months ago

    did the very big egg hatch?

  • Nelsy Hernandez 11 months ago

    Put the extra storage upgrade back on look on the top left side or maybe right

  • Ronnie Rogers 11 months ago

    germ i have an idea why build a land sea base you start it below the island and then make it a decent size as it pokes through the land of the island itself

  • Setheroth's Storm 11 months ago

    The storage mod was put in 2 different places just not where you thought

  • Lethal Bacon 11 months ago

    The other storage is on the top of the sea moth;)

  • isaiah chilcote 11 months ago

    i think you should move the base the base.

  • Resistance 11 months ago

    It only uses the one storage on the seamoth also best to make another indoor planter and put lantern trees only in it then you will never need fish or water again

  • Ezio Aditorio 11 months ago

    no use the other island that's really pointy

  • Julio Rivera Perez 11 months ago

    And German, you can put up to four storage upgrades on to the seamoth and they do work

  • djquantize 11 months ago

    Since the storage container only takes up one inventory slot can you do some storage inception? ie put storage inside storage.

  • Samuel Hernandez 11 months ago

    Do it

  • Boaz Scheper 11 months ago

    the second storages goes on top

  • Boaz Scheper 11 months ago

    the second storages goes on top

  • Julio Rivera Perez 11 months ago

    God bless you all

  • Zachary Vanhoy 11 months ago

    German, the storage upgrades on the Seamoth do add on it was just on the same side as the other one on top of the ship. Love the videos and keep up the good work!

  • Ben Swailes 11 months ago

    new base is nice

  • Hexide 11 months ago

    there is a second storage on your seamoth

  • Ben Swailes 11 months ago

    hello and first