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My first grow in my new SuperLocker by SuperCloset. I definitely had the time of my life. Stinky green, you are the one thing I can’t get enough of….I’ll tell you one thing….this could be love. Hahaha!! I hope you enjoy. Related PostsSuperCloset Deluxe Grow Box Stealth Grow Hydroponics Weed 420 Medicinal MarijuanaSuperCloset Deluxe Stealth Grow Box Medicinal Marijuana HydroponicsHydroponics – Hydroponic Marijuana Growing – Hydro Weed Grow How To – 16Cannabis Garden Tour – Week 2 Flower | Hydroponic Marijuana Grow Room | Weed GardenTransplanting Clones into Rockwool Cubes | How to grow hydroponic weed | Grow MarijuanaCannabis Garden Tour – Week 3 Flower | Hydroponic Weed Garden | Learn how to grow Marijuana

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  • Sheldon Drinkard 11 months ago

    Hey did you use the nutrient kit that came with the closet ?

  • Luke Heaton 11 months ago

    What was the yield ? 

  • Limko Mabu 11 months ago

    The issue with hydroponics is that you will need to pay for "plant food" or nutrients and supplements that can be more costly.

  • mike sawyer 11 months ago

    Does It SMELL???

  • Jar-Jar 11 months ago

    Hey how hard was it to set up and was it delivered by a contracted shipping company 

  • Christopher Vazquez 11 months ago

    How much Yield did it produce?

  • ishtrice 11 months ago

    lol i have the same exact locker……

  • Arkadius K 11 months ago

    im so jealous. so i guess you would recommend this box? 🙂

  • m Williams 11 months ago

    What did you yield off that? and what lights do you have in the locker?

  • Jacob Lasher 11 months ago

    hey man let us know the yield on that:D and what upgrades did you go with?

  • everybodywazzup 11 months ago

    Holy shit, nice first grow! I am interested in buying a Superlocker myself and I was wondering how difficult your first foray into growing was? Is this product worth its high price tag? To me it certainly seems so, your video is proof of that! Also, how much did you crop out at your first time? I've heard as high as 12oz is achievable, but that seems high to me. In any case, keep the Superlocker vids coming please!

  • Eyolf Christopher 11 months ago

    Hey. i have one question does it smell much?

  • jazzmineja 11 months ago

    Hey Jim. Which locker is this? Did you simply use what came with locker to grow? How long did the ladies grow for? Considering getting it myself. Thanks

  • cbeezy95 11 months ago

    this video has made me sooo happy. I cannot wait for my led superlocker 3.0!!!! great video man