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Easy to build, very inexpensive and improved integrated system. How to build and how to do various planting methods. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrow tower build AquqponicsWater Delivery System for Aquaponics Grow Towers Part 2Pi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsHow to Grow Tomatoes in Grow TowersOzone Grow TowersHow To Construct Vertical Grow Towers

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  • gogonkt 8 months ago

    I think that is most awesome tower~~~ thank you!

  • Justin Pollonais 8 months ago

    I have a question. are the net pot towers stuffed with anything or are they hollow? and is there a way to effectively irrigate all of the roots in a hollow net pot tower? thanks from Trinidad and Tobago

  • Sri Prasad 8 months ago

    sorry if its a dumb question. why does root look so dark ? shouldn't be white ? Does it grow well if root is brown ?

  • Thuan Pham 8 months ago

    Most impressive way to fill up a tower. Great job!

  • Germaine Eyre 8 months ago

    Any idea what kinds of chemicals the foam is made from? Just wondering if there are any harmful chemicals that will leach into the system?

  • Nicolas Monduc 8 months ago

    Hello from France,

    Thank you very much for your videos, and your "slow" speaking i can understand every things with my bad english. Bravo 😉
    Can you give me some news of this model of tower?

    good continuation

  • Keane Zane 8 months ago

    Hi what medium yu think is best for towers? please

  • Dustin Porta 8 months ago

    These videos are looking great!

  • block5178 8 months ago

    You said that you plant your seeds directly into the hydroton, do you have to do anything to start it or keep it in place? I wanted do the same but was worried my seeds will fall out of the cups or something.

  • smo0812 8 months ago

    Thank You for all the time you have taken to teach . I have a question on fish feeding. What type of fish food or fish feed are you using ? what kind of ratios can a person go by for ….lets say 100 lbs of fish. I am thinking of using a combination of duck weed, red worms and purina trout feed (very expensive at .60 lb). Thank you

  • Richard Taylor 8 months ago

    Always glad to see your experiments with different means of growing. The evolution from where you started, to where you are, has been quite interesting.

  • turdfurgison 8 months ago

    another excellent design and great information thank you sir

  • NuttyforNissan 8 months ago

    Now what's Donald cooking in the kitchen today is that celery sticks? the slot seems to be the better design, and cheap.

  • goltoof 8 months ago

    Very cool design! Seems like you could use even smaller pipe. I would be wary using dollar store foam products ;)

  • Great system.
    Why not file & sand the sharp edges just a little so they don't cut your fingers?

  • Justin Thompson 8 months ago

    thank you
    love your channel.