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The process took me 31 days. I bought the plant so I kind of skipped the seed starting process. Hope you enjoyed the video! Please like and share. Solar Power Air Pump: Flora Series: CaliMagic: pH Down: pH Meter: MaxiGro: MaxiBloom: AeroGarden Nutrients: Clay Pebbles: 2 Inch Net Pots: 1.5 Inch Rockwool Cubes: Rapid Root Plugs: Grow Light Rope Hanger: Grow Tent: T5 Grow Light: Digital Timer: Clonex Rooting Compound: FoxFarm Ocan Forest: 10 Gal Grow Bags: Grow Bag Saucers: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Grow Hydroponic Watermelon Indoors & 38 Days UpdateHYDROPONIC 6 POT HERB GARDEN – SOLAR POWERED!Solar Powered Hydroponic – IndoorHydroponics Vegetable Gardening (PVC) Solar Powered Automatic Watering System (NFT)Hydroponic Solar Powered Vertical Vegetable GardenHYDROPONICS SYSTEMS BEING POWERED BY SOLAR ENERGY

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  • 61riaz 4 weeks ago

    Its all nice but i want eat this watermelon to check is it sweet .hahaha

  • Charlie Bell 4 weeks ago

    Holy crap, you can actually use those nutrients for hydroponics? I have that and didn't think they would work, especially because it is so cheap!

  • Amit Prabhu Parrikar 4 weeks ago

    500th like….nice work

  • Shashank Shekhar Singh 4 weeks ago

    oh.. wasn't that wash somewhat brutal?? Atleast that sounded so..

  • KungmoshFu 4 weeks ago

    Love that pump whats it called

  • Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent 4 weeks ago

    Very cool. Love the use of solar!

  • Just Ducky 4 weeks ago

    Post a video on how it tastes vs soil watermelon.

  • Simple Analyst 4 weeks ago

    Great Vid! When it comes to your solar pump – is it ok that it stops working at night when it's dark? I always thought they had to run 24/7?

  • Chihsien Liang 4 weeks ago

    you could also use a brush for pollination

  • Matti Vilmunen 4 weeks ago

    where is the follow up?

  • TheGold Ghast 4 weeks ago

    Please do the harvest video.

  • Sombath Korng 4 weeks ago

    Awesome, i will do the same 🙂

  • Jons LG 4 weeks ago

    Food first, spices second. Always PH your water before you add nutrients.

  • jewels high 4 weeks ago

    i'd love to see the harvest, which fertilizer are you using?

  • Grow Indoors 365 4 weeks ago

    Thats awesome. Yes follow up video of course!

  • NightWaves 4 weeks ago

    I have both watermelon and cantaloupe growing hydroponically in 5 gallon buckets outside. Cantaloupe sucks up water fast and I'm sure the watermelon a little behind is going to do the same. Better make sure you keep an eye on your fluid levels and have nutrients premixed and ready to go. Your container looks like it keeps light out preventing algae. But I wonder about light getting through the other holes and your black box will heat the water which is bad. Use some white plastic or cardboard or something to keep the black from heating in the sun. Good luck with water consumption once the melons takeoff getting bigger. I'm looking at a larger reservoir and valves to make sure I never have the plants wanting nutrients.

  • J Braga 4 weeks ago

    It is so easy to sprout watermelon seeds.

  • prettymochame just T 4 weeks ago

    I want that container, where'd you get it Khang?

  • mezleona 4 weeks ago

    Hi Khang!

    What is your local nursery? I would love to be able to buy some plants! I'm in S.Houston,
    I also asked for some peppers but did not a response, could you sell some of your peppers?
    I'm currently trying to fight cancer, I'm following a natural path, it call for hot peppers,
    I haven't been lucky with the habaneros from the store.

  • Rajaraman V 4 weeks ago

    Great video…. Do you refill the container with nutrient solution or plain water ?