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  • Al Robinson 11 months ago

    hell yeah. great video

  • sxyangeleyez 11 months ago

    thanks remo for the fun videos . he gets a pass because of the hash but shame on you sir for not knowing what time it is

  • Eric Alford 11 months ago

    cheers n wow very nice plants

  • Colorado Chronicle 11 months ago

    Look like some lovely ladies! I'd love to see this room on harvest day! Cheers from Colorado!

  • jimmie zigzag 11 months ago

    Killer Grow. Sweet Set ups. Remo for the Win!

  • Allin Mota 11 months ago

    Once again, another killer vid. Thanks Remo!

  • Gratefulpete420 Medical Cannabis Patient 11 months ago

    FOG … fruit of the Gods? :)

  • Jay Dee 11 months ago

    More smoking weed video's!…….please

  • Kevin McCarthy 11 months ago

    Welcome to my home state remo. Would really like to meet you and smoke a super charged joint with you as Im a big fan of your channel.

  • Mac Pimpin 11 months ago

    Id invite remo anyday. To film my grow! Keep up the great work remo!

  • johns6md 11 months ago

    you might want to fix the link in the description

  • Ripadam 11 months ago

    Trying to reach 100 subscribers please help me out! also check out my social medias i follow back.

  • thatonedude88 8 11 months ago

    yoooo remooo

  • Eric Rogers 11 months ago

    Great work E

  • Aaron simchi 11 months ago

    we want hash Wednesday!!!!!!!!