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Please visit for more on Sesame Street’s 40th season, and watch new episodes on PBS starting Nov. 10th! If you’re watching videos with your preschooler and would like to do so in a safe, child-friendly environment, please join us at Video Rating: / 5 Lexi, Mike, Chase and Dad Spend a CRAZY AMOUNT of MONEY!!! LIKE FOR REAL! CRAZY!!! Check out what we get, then we wanted to try some of it out so we kept it recording during some gameplay… So many things unlocked it’s a bit overwhelming!!! ­čÖé What we get: (Super Rare & Rare): Vengeful Zomboss Pack Items Incredi-Plant Pack Items Supremium Pack Items Super Duper Pack Items Craaazy Pack Items Watch when we wet Craaazy With the Last Sticker Pack Openings! 0,000 — Watch when we unlock all Spectacular Pack Rare & Super Rare Characters: (550k coins spent!) Check out: Power Cactus: Astronaut: Power Chomper: Mechanic Zombie: Electrician: (Best Gameplay) Future Cactus: Cricket Star: Hot Rod Chomper: Commando Pea Tank Commander Fire Flower Marine Biologist Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh! Subscribe: Related PostsSesame Street: Murray Goes to Gardening SchoolSesame Street A Twiddlebug Tool Adventure With Ernie Garden Game For KidsSesame Street – Growing a flower‘A surprise visit from the First lady Michelle Obama ‘ to Watkins Elementary School Washington, D.C.The Asian Kid Gamer – Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden WarfareSchool Gardens Growing Communities Northey Street City Farm

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  • Murasame917 1 year ago

    0:54 what are you looking at ross?´╗┐

  • Wojciech Zgodowski 1 year ago

    Way to go, instead of junk over the counter chips dip, let's make some
    spinach/crab/artichoke dip instead.´╗┐

  • James Ballard 1 year ago

    Veggies taste so good when they are obviously stuffed animal food.´╗┐

  • yoji0 1 year ago

    omg michelle obama on sesame st etc etc. I'm honestly more weirded out by the time Peter Dinklage was on the show.´╗┐

  • njnfff 1 year ago

    he called her a bird likw wtf XDD´╗┐

  • Tom Bradley 1 year ago

    I don't know why people hate this so much! It is teaching kid how to eat fresh foods, not factory made! And for that Mrs First Lady! I salute you!

  • zachrec96 1 year ago


  • droldsw31 1 year ago

    You would expect Mrs. Obama to at least plant Medical Marijuana in the children's garden.

  • rerod 1 year ago

    OMG evil has spread to Sesame Street. Is nothing not sacred.

  • Tino Trivino 1 year ago

    no way, lol, you still dont get it, the children are soooooooo easy to "re"educate ­čÖé

  • Tino Trivino 1 year ago

    Long live American Propaganda!!!

  • Nancy Lawrence 1 year ago

    I love Michelle Obama.

  • Silvia Melodia 1 year ago

    Are you stupid? Its just a children show

  • Lucy Webb 1 year ago

    "You're gonna grow up"

  • SQUAREHEAD64 1 year ago

    NEVER EVER have we seen his real birth certificate. It's nothing to do with him being black either… that's the common "racist crap" that stupid people bring up becuz they are too dumb to really give any real evidence.

  • Seston 1 year ago


  • philosophergenius 1 year ago

    George Romero "And the real trolls like Day of the Dead". One of the best movies ever made. If that makes me a troll, sure. Understanding the social implications is beyond most people's intelligence. I'm not going to act like the ignorant masses just to fit in. That concept is seen in something as simple as Harriet the Spy, "If I have to choose between having friends or being a spy, I choose spy."

  • Jason's Ginger Hamster 1 year ago

    The weird sunflower is the metal sunflower´╗┐

  • Pazos HouseHold 1 year ago

    i love lex´╗┐

  • Samuel Free 1 year ago

    Camo catis´╗┐

  • Jack Cotter 1 year ago


  • Skyler F 1 year ago

    Can I play with you?´╗┐

  • laur buckland 1 year ago

    cool stuff´╗┐

  • packattack09032 1 year ago

    Chase sounds so cute´╗┐

  • Ginger Mason 1 year ago

    you and I have an Xbox. That means I played with you guys!!!!! username tamedinosaur981´╗┐

  • GioÔÇÖs Corner Gio LaFemina 1 year ago

    The sunflower is METAL PETAL´╗┐

  • GioÔÇÖs Corner Gio LaFemina 1 year ago


  • Stephanie Dandeneau 1 year ago


  • Alicia Flores 1 year ago

    This was a good vidoe´╗┐

  • Tawanda Powell 1 year ago

    Wave 10´╗┐

  • Tawanda Powell 1 year ago

    Am 7´╗┐

  • Mike Hoover 1 year ago

    Find the differents)))))))))))))┼é)))))´╗┐

  • Lee Carpenter 1 year ago

    you gos ate arsem´╗┐

  • Jupman Kaur 1 year ago

    Now there is a speicalar character´╗┐

  • Night Death 1 year ago

    Metal petul´╗┐