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Click here for your free Fat-Burning Kit: Can a tomato change a child’s life? “Yes,” says artist and designer Ron Finley, also known as the Gangsta Gardener. Ron lives in South Central Los Angeles and quips that it’s “home of drive-thrus and drive-bys.” But Ron wanted to change that. A few years ago, Ron planted a curbside garden in the strip of soil in front of his house in LA. The city tried to shut it down. So Ron accidentally started a revolution and changed the game of urban gardening. Now he’s teaching others to grow real food in urban landscapes and it’s transforming “food deserts” into “food forests”… one garden at a time. Like the show on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts2013 Unsung Heroes of Los Angeles- Ron Finley, Urban Gardening AdvocateGame for Kids. Small gardener: Sowing seeds – plants bear fruitFairy Garden Hacks | LIFE HACKS FOR KIDSWatch Conway’s Game Of Life In Apl – Sites To Find PeopleThe Gardener Plants the Seeds Song for Kids | Gardening Songs for Children | The KiboomersPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys Review

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  • MARIKA LOVE 1 week ago

    Way to go, Ron! I wish you could multi-locate and be here in the Bay Area too.

  • Kent Lawrence 1 week ago

    could you just let the man speak without your continuous flashing of you mug shot?

  • Lentil Reflection 1 week ago

    Thanks for this interview. Great questions Abel James. This guy Ron Finley is awesome

  • Peteena Poodle 1 week ago

    How could anyone not absolutely adore Ron Finley???

  • viralmonkeymarket101 1 week ago

    Thank you Abel.

  • viralmonkeymarket101 1 week ago

    Go Ron!

  • Rising Sun 1 week ago

    On my third year of gardening now and every year gets a little better. Seeing hummingbirds is a gift in itself, much respect!

  • Amy Waters 1 week ago

    ron get with me I wanna bring this to Pocatello idaho. we are a food desert

  • jazthing1 1 week ago

    Awesome work! Very inspiring!

  • Argent Orang 1 week ago

    Holy shit Abel, try blinking once in a while. It looks like you're drugged up.

  • susan gardens 1 week ago

    Ron Finley is my new hero! What an incredible guy. Thanks for the video.

  • Dorene Garvin 1 week ago

    Awesome!! So inspiring.

  • Healthy Recipe Channel 1 week ago

    Pretty awesome what he is doing.

  • Christopher Butler 1 week ago

    Great interview. Life changing info and perspectives fellas. Thanks!

  • Alex Catchpole 1 week ago

    Best show yet !!

  • Dirt and Rust 1 week ago

    Very inspiring :] Thanks!

  • Alex Catchpole 1 week ago

    Amazing ! What a guy !! Xx

  • PTX 152 1 week ago

    Very inspiring. I don't understand the concept of "food deserts"…..I don't think we have them. We have lots of fast food places, but all parts of the city have grocery stores and even specialty / health food stores within a reasonable drive (or short bus drive). We have shorter growing seasons up north and our food prices are much higher than the US, but it costs the same to eat healthier food as it does to eat convenience food. Many people have backyard gardens in the city.

  • The Truth 1 week ago

    love love love this!