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This is my backyard vegetable garden in Phoenix, AZ. – Lettuce, Jalapenos, Peppers, Cilantro, Broccoli, Cabbage, Radishes, Oregano, etc. It is constructed with 2″ x 8″ pine boards. Although pine is not the best choice for raised beds, it is the most cost effective. I did apply a waterproof sealer on the wood. So far, they are working out just fine. The soil inside is a 1/3 mix of clean screened dirt (top soil), mulch, and sand. The drip system is automatic and set using a timer. I used 1/2″ poly line with 1/4″ tubing and adjustable spray emitters. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLow Desert Vegetable Garden near Phoenix, ArizonaMy Favorite Nursery in Phoenix, Arizona for a Vegetable Garden!How To Plant Tomatoes & Peppers into Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in Arizona – Organic Gardening TipsHow to Build Raised Beds for Your Vegetable GardenRaised Beds – Cheap vegetable gardening beds – Permaculture Design – Huglekultur Vegetable gardenUpdate for my Low Desert Garden near Phoenix, Arizona

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  • Jo Ann Timbanard 1 month ago

    You sure have a successful garden. The one thing I couldn't figure out from the video is the watering system. You mention you used poly lined drip system with emitters. I couldn't see the emitters. Are you using the tubing that has wholes in it or are you using 1 gal or 2 gal emitters, or are you using sprays. I didn't see sprays but my biggest problem is getting water deep enough using the reddish colored hose with wholes or maybe they are called emitters. The wholes are 18" apart and doesn't give me adequate watering. Would you be able to comment more specifically on your watering system. It looks like you aren't putting furrows in but using flat areas. I have ended up watering everything by hand and this is a big chore! Thanks for any help or suggestions.

  • m0ir0d02 1 month ago

    hello, awesome video. I'm trying richer a garden going and got some soil from a local dude. but after seeing your video and how you said you added fill dirt and sand. did you mix it a up or put soil then dirt then sand. any advice would be great. thanks!

  • Zach C 1 month ago

    what kind of tortoise is sheldon

  • Carlos Garcia 1 month ago

    Thanks for the video. I'm also here in Phoenix, I'm looking to make my first bed and I'm wondering whats your take on Sun light. how much sun are putting on your beds?? I a couple of areas of where I want to place the beds and looking for best option in regards to sunlight

  • Neicyz World 1 month ago

    Great video! Did you remove your grass before placing the flower beds on top?

  • Judi Bedford 1 month ago

    I just took a class at the Desert Botanical Gardens on container vegetable gardening, and we talked about raised beds.  But I thought root systems needed at least 18" of depth, even for shallow growing plants.  It appears that you've only got 8" but are doing very well.  You don't seem to need much depth.  Deeper would obviously take a lot more soil mix.Also, did you put the soil directly on the ground, or did you line your box with a weed barrier?

  • Mahadev 1 month ago

    You do not need raised bed unless water logging from rain takes place.

  • PJ Meemaw 1 month ago

    Hi Chris. Enjoyed your video. I live in Tucson and am thinking about growing my own vegetable garden. I just have one question, how do you keep the bugs from destroying your gardens?? TIA

  • Jordan Cox 1 month ago

    Your tortoise might not be eating that grass cuz he goes to the bathroom on it

  • Cuteyblossom L 1 month ago

    passion fruit vines love the arizona sun.

  • dale scumidt 1 month ago

    waste of water!

  • Zion Ex 1 month ago


  • Sharnita Henderson 1 month ago

    Hi. My son and I are building raised beds. We're clueless how to work with the soil out here in Arizona. I heard where you said you even had sand in your soil. I need some advice. We got compost – mostly horse manure from a farm in Queen Creek but we're not really knowing what else to do. We read that we need garden soil. Is that right? Also, since we're renting we decided not to build on the grass but rather to remove rocks and dig until we could no longer see rocks. It's more like clay now when wet. Is it okay to plant in that?

  • Sara Kelly Stewart 1 month ago

    Thanks for the video. Please post videos of Sheldon. He is so cute

  • Sarah Theut 1 month ago

    great video! thanks for sharing, have me some good ideas. 🙂

  • Anita Ramani, Registered Dietitian 1 month ago

    This is great! This gives me incentive to set up my own vegetable garden!

  • INTUITIVE & INSPIRED ART 1 month ago

    How cool.  Was wondering what you could grow there.  Thinking about moving to Peoria in the next couple of years. 

  • BlazinSquad 1 month ago

    Cool Video!  Thanks for posting!

  • asabagrendel 1 month ago

    Thank you! Very helpful to know which plants can grow in hot weather. I just love your tortoise!!

  • Tony Baker 1 month ago

    Were is your entry way to your gardens