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MINIGOLF ON TOWER UNITE | LEAVE A LIKE FOR MORE! Tower Unite: ● Twitter: ● FIFA Channel: ● Instagram: Ethan: Simon: SIDEMEN CLOTHING: Custom Controllers: How I Record My Gameplay: Video uploaded by: Zerkaa | ZerkaaHD | ZerkaaPlays Video Rating: / 5 Related Postsdiy strawberry tower/ garden stickThe Zen Gardens (Tower Unite Golf)Easy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic Gardening“OVA IGRA ME STRGALA!!!!”-GEOMETRY DASH (RAGE MODE)Garden Tower Grows 50 Plants At Once

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  • Chris Crampsey 1 year ago

    Whos Neil? Jk, I watch the Big Bang Theory

  • bigma 1 year ago

    You're all dead, including the game

  • HaloCraftZombies 1 year ago

    18:42 Dat Face Doe

  • Aistra Dreemurr 1 year ago

    i don't get all this hate. if you go out of bounds you lose a stroke. you don't get ressurrected if you die stupidly.

  • Aistra Dreemurr 1 year ago

    so you guys hate the actual rules? okay then.

  • Austin Veeny 1 year ago

    Wtf is wrong with being gay you mong

  • UnevenTV 1 year ago

    Stop playing this shitty golf game

  • Denis Spahiu 1 year ago

    At 6:01 did vikk just say my nigga how do we mind the gap

  • Alan Quach 1 year ago


  • Stuart Gibbons 1 year ago

    18:39 What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Mcdoodlydoo 1 year ago

    Anyone else watch minigolf on Josh's channel because Simon always posts late…

  • Matthew McLean 1 year ago

    19:10 HAHAHAHAHA! nah im dead, fuck, i think i peed a little….

  • HaloCraftZombies 1 year ago

    "Yes I've Got A Vagina!" -Josh 2016

  • HaloCraftZombies 1 year ago

    "I've Got A Boner, I've Got A Boner, I Got A Hole In One, I've Got A Boner." -Josh 2016

  • Jack Collins 1 year ago

    when they start singing "a day to remember" <3

  • Tony Cunningham 1 year ago

    Behzinga always has to wear the bag anyway may as well keep it on in the game

  • Ton_Mont 1 year ago

    what's hapenned with your angels…

  • Loopher 1 year ago

    3D Ultra-Minigolf is still the OG

  • Michael Fry 1 year ago

    YES IV GOT A VAGINA HAHA best part of this video