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President Trump Proves Democrats Wrong Again With How He Just HUMILIATED Kim Jong-un North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un thought he could take advantage of the new Trump administration’s transitional period to threaten concessions out of America, but he quickly discovered that President Donald Trump is a different kind of leader than Barack Obama — one who won’t be intimidated. Although Democrats were quick to criticize Trump’s handling of the North Korean threat, Trump just delivered their dictator an epic humiliation, and his critics are eating their words. As reported by The Hill, President Trump has successfully called North Korea’s bluff on Guam — and the Kim regime is withdrawing its threat against the US territory in the Pacific. Kim believed scare tactics would give him leverage over the US, but in Trump, he found an adversary who has spent all his adult life successfully maneuvering heated negotiations. Although North Korea has abandoned its decision to launch missiles at Guam, the Kim regime is still using haughty rhetoric to try to save face with the international community. Their communications arm stated, “If the Yankees persist in their extremely dangerous reckless actions on the Korean Peninsula and in its vicinity, testing the self-restraint of the DPRK, the [North] will make an important decision as it already declared.” Despite the last-ditch attempt at intimidation, the move is a crushing blow to North Korea and a major win for Trump and America. Kim demonstrated that he folds under pressure. Gone are the days of Pyongyang dictating the terms of American-North Korean relations. This news comes only a week after North Korea said it was planning an “operational plan” for “enveloping fire” to contain US military bases on Guam, as covered by the Financial Times. Trump responded to the threat with the strong rhetoric that […]

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  • David Alviso 1 month ago

    YES,best president EVER !!!!

  • Stjepan Blagaj 1 month ago

    yes made by USA Clintons,Bush,Obama all scums and traitors

  • Donnez un nom à votre chaîne 1 month ago

    Kim Jong un is a democrat.

  • mace Risky 1 month ago

    Yes you're correct, everything Democrats touch turns into CLUSTERFK ….EVERTHING!!!

  • Tisha Jennings 1 month ago

    Thank you Mr trump for letting america live god bless you

  • Doug Janis 1 month ago


  • Rafael Davila 1 month ago

    Good work Mr . president, you got my support all the way..

  • gumby spoke 1 month ago

    Dems can hate on Trump all they want but missiles do not segregate .They would have tindered both left right and anything in between.I wonder do the protesters even think about that??? They should be thanking Trump for saving there skin white red or yellow .we would have all got nuked!!!

  • Winsome Smith 1 month ago

    N. Korea had no such plans, all propaganda is from the deep state pushing the agenda for war. Un is not an idiot though Americans seem to think anyone that does not think like them are crazy when it's the reverse.

  • George 1 month ago

    And Ukrainian's gave rocket engines and tech to Kim. Maybe the US needs to turn it's back on the Nazi bastards and let Russia put them in their place.

  • thomas Robertson 1 month ago

    i think that MR Trump is Keeping up with US good stranded Make America Great Again.Go Trump .God Bless you and America

  • Linda Stewart 1 month ago

    President Trump isn't going to back down and God Bless us ALL

  • Melissa Fowler 1 month ago

    Kim may have backed down, but the fat kid still plans on perfecting his nukes. Trump had a shit storm dumped in his lap with N.Korea. I hope all our presidents over the last 25yrs realize how bad they messed up. And everyone of them are going to owe President Trump a hugh thank you when this is over.

  • Ray mond 1 month ago

    Both sides have win when they step away from anger…in fact the world win together with them.

  • Danger Crow farts 1 month ago

    Best president ever

  • Ken Rasmusson 1 month ago

    I don't see anyone else could do this. Thank God for President Trump!

  • Corrie Jacobs 1 month ago

    All Democrats should be put in jail what they did to America