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By Suryapal, Student, Dept. of Journalism – Garden City College Video Rating: / 5 Job sequencing with deadline Dynamic programming Video by Department of computer science, Garden City College Bangalore Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWildlife and Kid Friendly Water Conserving Garden: Robert Leeper designPartnerships and the Future of Agriculture Technology by Robert T. Fraley (USA)“Black Dog” – Robert Plant @ Taste of Chicago – Petrillo Music Shell, Chicago, IL. 7-12-2013Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Chicago 1995 (Since I’ve Been Loving You) BEST VERSIONRobert Plant – Chicago Press Conference 1983Father of Vertical Farming Answers Can This Really Work- Robert Colangelo Green Sense Farms

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  • ANTIFACEBOOKMAN 7 months ago

    What song is this

  • Abhinandan sharma 7 months ago


  • rohit sancheti 7 months ago

    Job sequencing problem was totally wrong.. dammit remove this video.. stop sharing wrong information.. how this people get to teach in colleges.. saddens me to my deepest level!!

  • Pallavi s 7 months ago

    I am not the student for GCC, how can i get more videos?

  • Daniel Premkumar 7 months ago

    If the objective is to find the min cost/max profit, 7 trials, each with source nodes as 1,2 ..7 and their appropriate destination nodes (7 Nos), of course using the principle of DP needs to be examined. Would like some feedback.

  • Daniel Premkumar 7 months ago

    What is the relevance of saying that each of the 4 jobs can be executed in unit time and at the same time saying that 2 of them have bigger dead lines ? We might as well choose (and ensure) the higher profit jobs first instead of giving preference to shorter dead line jobs. Why not schedule the jobs in the J1-J4-J3-J2 sequence ? Perhaps a better explanation would help.

  • Debopriyo Sinha 7 months ago

    thnku so much ma'm,,u r best teacher in this world!