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Lol @ 120k views. Thanks guys! Keep enjoying this song. I love it too! Yato’s Over the Garden Wall playlist: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPopular Green wall & Garden videosPopular Green wall & Garden videosPopular Green wall & Living wall videosPopular Green wall & Living wall videosPopular Green wall & Living wall videosPopular Videos – Green wall

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  • Sugarconnerroyed 10 months ago

    What does falore mean?

  • bubby bumble 10 months ago

    The best song besides the finale.

  • Kallum Taylor-Vincent 10 months ago

    Watching this episode on CN now

  • Spunny 10 months ago

    the first part remembers me about up!

  • Awesome Moo Cow 10 months ago

    does anyone have an idea where to find bassoon sheet music for this??

  • Jupiter And I 10 months ago

    Does anyone know what type of music this is?? I'm sorry for the stupid question

  • Emma Duckington 10 months ago

    I wish they had the music for the trumpet part ;-;

  • Daniel Scott 10 months ago

    I bet Tay Zonday could do this song

  • Gregorio Garrido 10 months ago

    I F**** LOVE TADPOLES!!!!!

  • Bill Cipher 10 months ago

    I love over the garden wall

  • Duke Of Spook 10 months ago

    This makes me wonder, is this song a symbol about the beast's song? "A single soul sets his voice singing" and how it says that the amount of those singing increase, so perhaps those are more children that the beast has lulled into the forest to turn into EedelWood trees? Or perhaps that the Beast was once a lost child in the woods since it says "Content to be slightly forlorn" meaning he has lost hope, as has all of the children he turned into EedelWood trees.

  • city17 10 months ago

    Im a president and I love this song.

  • SneakySableye 10 months ago

    Anyone know where to find piano sheets for this song?

  • a very bored weavile 10 months ago

    my fav ost

  • Filips Jankovskis 10 months ago

    5 ppl loved the beast

  • I knew you were special :3

  • Alex Pearse 10 months ago

    This may not mean anything, but I'm curious about the alliteration of the letter "s" in this song. Specifically in the line "a single soul sets his voice singing"

    Does anyone have any ideas on what this could symbolize?

  • john bommes 10 months ago

    here are the lyrics:

    At night when the lake is a mirror

    And the moon rides the waves to the shore

    A single soul sets his voice singing

    Content to be slightly forlorn

    A song rises over the lilies (Waa-ooh waa-ooh)

    Sweeps high to clear over the reeds

    And over the bulrushes' swaying

    To pluck at a pair of heartstrings

    Two voices, now they are singing

    Then ten, as the melody soars

    Round the shimmering pond all are joining in song

    As it carries their reverie on

    Over the treetops and mountains

    Over the blackened ravines

    Then softly it falls by a house near a stream

    And over the garden wall

    To thee

  • d3at4r0ut3 10 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Lei Thundra (Kari Haddock) 10 months ago

    My sister loves this song!!!!