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Warning : DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! TOO DANGEROUS, YOU’LL GET ARRESTED!!! Anyway, don’t forget to subscribe! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPlants Vs Zombies- Wall-Nut Bowling MusicWall-nut Bowling 2 || Plants vs. ZombiesDorkly: 植物大戰殭屍(Dorkly Bits Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut Gets Bitten) 中文字幕Playing Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (#5) (Zomboss Estate) (KID GAMING)Playing Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (#4) (Zomboss Estate) (KID GAMING)Let’s Play Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare : Gardens & Graveyards – Wall-nut Hills Night (Zombies)

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  • Kewal Chawla 1 year ago

    why are you not using giant wall nut at dr. zomboss?

  • Артем Корнеев 1 year ago

    ты был красавчиком

  • นวินธร อุมรุม 1 year ago


  • นวินธร อุมรุม 1 year ago


  • Thang Luai 1 year ago

    Denhead Moon bad name

  • Thang Luai 1 year ago

    you died the zombie got your brains

  • Israel Dorame 1 year ago

    use giant wall nuts at zombieboss nextime

  • benjamin game 1 year ago

    why you get arrested?

  • Jonathan Vindel 1 year ago

    zzzzzzzzz a que que pasó pues lo que pasó es que perdió 🙁 =( :

  • Gabrielius Novoslavskis 1 year ago


  • Derk Nowotski 1 year ago

    plz tell me how to make this!

  • Denhead Moon 1 year ago

    Y u no use giant wallnut?

  • alejandro mendoza 1 year ago

    es pura mentira ay no sale el zombi grandote

  • Kakal Rai 1 year ago


  • Blue DiamondTM (ElderBlueDragon™) 1 year ago

    Imagine that on REAL LIFE.(first,i know that wall-nut does not exists.but if they existed,this is how it would be:)Kinda like a wall-nut can actually 1-hit kill a zombonis (zombie,or space ogre riding a very tough machine),but takes 4 hits to kill a screen door zombie (common garden variety zombie with a door.a door.)

  • GoldRacerCraft 27 1 year ago

    You can use the explosive wall nut on the ice ball?

  • Kaden Dietzman 1 year ago


  • Atila Vedat 1 year ago


  • adi Sładkowski 1 year ago