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An Epic Battle of Eyes, The Plants vs Zombies Plants Eye Poppers take contests to the next level. Wall-Nut, Jalapeno, Squash, and Gloom-Shroom compete for the best. Music: JayJay & Itty Bitty 8 Bit by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Cartoon Hoedown Video Rating: / 5 Welcome to Plants vs. Zombies Heroes! In this Let’s Play Playthrough of Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes, we will be playing SO much of both the plants and the zombies heroes and unlocking so many cards. From playing the campaign story mode to heading online against real players, we’re going to have so much fun! Want more? Check out the playlist! Show your Zebratastic support by liking, commenting, and sharing this video if you enjoyed it! Your love and support is appreciated and really does go a long way with helping the channel grow and prosper. 🙂 In Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Part 6, we moved back to Crazy Dave’s house to start Mission 2: Junkyard Ambush! We battle Rust Bolt, move on to fighting Z-Mech, and even unlock Wall-Knight! Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a collectible card game (CCG) available for iOS, iPhone, iPad, and Android! You can play hundreds of different Plant and Zombies heroes, collect tons of unique cards, and head up against players online! Join the Zebra Herd by subscribing! More Zebratastic videos on my bonus channel! Twitter: Twitch: Instagram: More information about Plants vs. Zombies Heroes: It’s the lawn of a new battle! Plants vs. Zombies Heroes mobile lets you collect and choose from hundreds of characters across the PvZ Universe in this epic collectible card game that takes you beyond the backyard. For the first time ever on mobile, play as either plants or […]

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  • Mauricio Buitrago Puentes 1 year ago

    Muñecos de plantas versus zombies

  • SuperWilly 55 1 year ago

    No I think gloom shroom wins

  • Hermann Atos 1 year ago

    (: nice

  • Daniel Tolpenko 1 year ago


  • Doris Seay 1 year ago


  • Maria Fernández 1 year ago

    Wallnut wins

  • Megan Castro 1 year ago

    f*** you jalepeno is awsome hes the best of them all and you f***ing know it

  • Victor Tran 1 year ago

    That round 4 glomm sroom sound sounds like a f a r t lol

  • Victor Tran 1 year ago

    Walnut is cute

  • Healthy Cooking made Simple by kids 1 year ago

    I love how the eyes pop out

  • carioca brasil 1 year ago

    The green fruit WON!!!!!!!

  • carioca brasil 1 year ago

    Can you go to my house with peashooter and snow pea

  • Ray UserGuy 1 year ago

    The nintendo characters' names

  • Darcyne Weidenbach 1 year ago

    Squash had something in his eye. 0-o

  • Craig Tan 1 year ago

    It will be wall-nut

  • FRANK TANG 1 year ago
  • Caden Kline 1 year ago


  • Euan Wilkinson 1 year ago


  • Boning Ding 1 year ago

    Gloom shroom won!

  • Ashley Horvat 1 year ago

    I like wall knight

  • Koveltskiis 1 year ago

    Don't forget that mixed nuts get more powerful when another plant is teamed up with them!

  • Joep Salet 1 year ago

    If you block an attack you can use the special attack you get for free

  • Triceratops 1 year ago

    Is kernel-pult in this game?

  • Triceratops 1 year ago

    I want to see torchwood's attack animation with the red angry berry thingy

  • Gabriel Giobbe 1 year ago

    It's strike through not true strike the true strike plants I know is sting pod witch is amphibious and the cactus

  • Bendominator 04 1 year ago

    I've played this game so much! It's so fun!!!

  • Max Heidari 1 year ago

    great video zebra! pleasssssssssssss go play neverhood. it's the best game I've ever played!!

  • Aidan Harris-Clark 1 year ago

    the sunflower can attak if you use a berry angry with it out

  • Zebra Admin (LionGamer21) 1 year ago


  • Piggy_ Playz 1 year ago

    hey to get the game?!?

  • Piggy_ Playz 1 year ago


  • ArcAngel Lopez 1 year ago


  • ArcAngel Lopez 1 year ago


  • ArcAngel Lopez 1 year ago


  • Swagedy Fox 1 year ago

    Awesome vid zebra
    I always watch your videos when they get uploaded

  • Isaac Fox 1 year ago

    first comment 😀
    (I never get first comment this must be my lucky day)