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This video is about Perlite & Vermiculite uses in gardening, benefits & their alternatives. My video on Good potting mix: Pine bark: Cocopeat: My Perlite source: Follow me here Facebook: Twitter: Mail me on: प्रकृति (Hindi Channel): Nature in Pot (English Channel): Related PostsCoconut Coir Potting Mix Recipe – Coir, Compost, Perlite or VermiculiteVINEGAR in GARDENING – Top 10 Proven Benefits / Uses of Acetic Acid in GardenVertical Gardening! The Benefits and How to Get StartedHow I handle the perlite. Hydroponic gardening recycling.Types and benefits of GardeningBenefits of Raised Beds:Organic Gardening Q & A

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  • Thaha Maricar 2 weeks ago

    Very useful information.Thanks

  • Joseph Rajah 2 weeks ago

    please speak English or Hindi

  • Gitanjali Panda 2 weeks ago

    i want to grow rose and other outdoor plants in a mixture of Cocopeat, vermiculite and perlite. is it possible.

  • rakeshkumar sahu 2 weeks ago

    mam perlite दुकान में नही मिल रहा।।।।। और किस नाम से मिलेगा

  • girish kalaskar 2 weeks ago

    Nice n helpful video information.

  • Gitanjali Panda 2 weeks ago

    very nice explanation. what is the best potting media for rose and hibiscus

  • Jasjeet Singh Ahuja 2 weeks ago

    We are manufacturers of best quality exfoliated vermiculite . 9717410770.9891650044.

  • Arun Mozhi 2 weeks ago

    where v can get this in south India. Any waste organic con be used . i need to know which best for bonsai

  • Ranjeet Kumar 2 weeks ago

    Adenium ke liye cocopeat ke sath perlite ki jagah kya Mila sakte hai

  • Pallavi S 2 weeks ago

    informative ma'am..please give a clarity on pot preparation and cutting / seeds sowing information

  • My Garden 2 weeks ago

    Nice video ma'am 🙂

  • Smita Sahasrabudhe 2 weeks ago

    where doyou get perlite and at what rate?

  • Amit Sahu 2 weeks ago

    informative video

  • Vijay Anand 2 weeks ago

    gud information

  • santosh kumar 2 weeks ago

    Achchhi jankari

  • Gardening Ideas 2 weeks ago

    good information ma'am

  • pankaj sharma 2 weeks ago

    What is this root hormone medium2 number

  • star * 2 weeks ago

    hi dear
    meine aaj tak jitni b seeds boyi hai (zinnia, gerenium, dainthus, gerbera, n gazannia) ki ek b seedling nahi huwi hai aisa kyu
    humare yaha Kali mithi chip chili milti hai. I have added sand n Kali mithi

  • nisha baghel 2 weeks ago

    Such a knowledgeable vedio…………. Mam maine pichli vedio ne aapse quetion pucha tha aapne ans nhi kiya ………. Ky champa ki cutting abhi kr sakte hai …. Ki vo sammer me flowrung ke liye ready ho jaye pls do reply

  • Sita Kumari 2 weeks ago

    Video with exelent knowledge with impressive way about soil and required fertiliser.