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Subscribe to BBC News The Earth’s protective ozone layer is starting to repair itself, according to a panel of United Nations scientists. The main reason behind its recovery, they say, is the fact that certain chemicals, such as those used in aerosol cans, were phased out in the 1980s. Roger Harrabin reports. Subscribe to BBC News HERE Check out our website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHide-and-Eek! | Mii NewsGreenGuard Roofing Recovery BoardHVAC recovery system hook-up and hose purgeLiz Weston shows you how to make great content for social mediaOzone Grow TowersPatrick blanc Ozone 7m c4 2016

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  • reyzuna 1 year ago

    WTF, how the hell they can tell if an Ozone Layer has a Hole when they can't even see it like Air or Oxygen?

  • Douglas Cummings 1 year ago

    Sorry guys, I did it. I made the hole.

  • Long Kang 1 year ago

    scientists say? LoL

  • Jael Corpuz 1 year ago

    My god humans are destroying the whole planet

  • My Crusty Nutz 1 year ago

    Here's the reason Humans. That is all.

  • Jim Griffiths 1 year ago

    Oh for frick's sake. Ultraviolet light causes the ozone layer to exist in the first place. There is always going to be a "hole" at the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet due to a lack of UV rays hitting them to ionise oxygen atoms to form ozone. The term "hole" is also a misnomer, since it isn't actually a hole. It is just a region of lower concentration. Occasionally, weather patterns cause a high concentration of ozone gas to move into the northern/southern hemispheres where it is measured and we see a higher concentration. Due to a lack of UV light, however, the levels drop off and we're back to a "hole" until weather patterns cause more ozone to move towards the poles again. This pattern is easy to see in the data.

    The region of lower concentration (let's call it what it is) has always been there and will remain so for a very long time.

  • OC Skywatch 1 year ago

    It's the middle of December and the sun still feels blazing hot here in California. I do not believe it is recovering one bit, but getting worse, with all these rogue geoengineering programs going on.

  • Marcel Johnson 1 year ago

    Load of rubbish, its winter here in germany and this year its like spring time. Its never been so warm. Iv lived here 36 years. Dont believe the rubbish. People here will tell you its getting worse with global warming. Satelite images can only show so much.

  • bittasweet symphony 1 year ago

    this is what my friend said a few months before he died, he was only 33,  he said "they are always telling us about climate change/too much cars etc etc, but why arn't we doing anything about it, we just carry on doing it".  he didn't get it.

    IMO WTF are big engine cars everywhere?  it should be 1000cc max! but nooooo, you can easily have a fricking nazi range rover V8.  go on you idiots, support the fricking germans, they deserve it!

  • Glenn Donovan 1 year ago

    Your reporter seems to have missed the news that there has been no warming for 17 years…

  • Toast ghost 1 year ago

    I was confused for a second but now i kind of get it.
    The Ozone layer seems to be, and may be, healing, but the climate is continuing to get worse.

    I always thought they were the same problem (the Climate changing because the Ozone is opening up and letting more heat in).

  • Bret H 1 year ago

    Antartica develops a hole in the atmosphere Antartica has a volcano that spews ( greenhouse gas ) well gas this is a likely cause of the hole in the atmosphere in Antarctica when it quits putting out the gas the whole gets better than it puts up more gas the hole gets worse ?
    Maybe we should worry about the nuclear disaster in Japan now…

  • ares106 1 year ago

    they just cant help showing the nuclear factory smokestack producing harmless water vapor EVERY FUCKING TIME THEY TALK ABOUT CO2 causing global climate change.

  • Gene 1 year ago

    Give it another 10 years and show the statistics again, we'll see how it goes.

  • Kitsch Puffer Fish 1 year ago

    The hoax is strong in this news.

  • Rick James 1 year ago

    seems to me like republicans will use this as an excuse to further rape the earth analy of its resources.

  • Darth Vader 1 year ago

    0:27 oh yeah :)

  • Gary Part 1 year ago

    Dont believe anything the bbc reports, this is a government propaganda channel. Total f##king bullshit.

  • slippybits 1 year ago

    Not for long! More war is coming. Wonder what nuclear radiation and all these air strikes will do to it!