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A tour through my organic hydroponic setup. Heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and beans. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGarden Update #5: Organic Hydroponics Pt. 2Biogarden – Organic Hydroponics. 250 Tomatoes in 12 Square Feet!How to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesBackyard hydroponics update. EBB and Flow, organic garden.Organic Nutrients for incredible hydroponics yieldsOrganic hydroponics. Outdoors soilless winter growing in the Biogarden

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  • Rick Monaco 9 months ago

    Great job!  What was the name of the nutrient solution you are using?

  • Phima Bina 9 months ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is you need to purchase "plant food" or nutrition and supplements which are more costly.

  • Swiss Knight 9 months ago

    God bless you mate! Try filtering worm tea and then using it hydroponically! You will love it! Remember to filter it otherwise all your pumps and pipes will look like diarrhea! LOL! All the best and greetings from us Swiss.

  • Dave Shapiro 9 months ago

    Looking good what kind of deshake software are you using for the video?