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The long tour of my Organic Rooftop Garden (2016). Lots of details, tips and tricks and stunning natural visuals 🙂 Related PostsEdible Organic Roof-top Garden ‘Long’ tour! – Hyderabad, IndiaOrganic Rooftop Gardening – Brief Tour (2016)Organic Edible ‘Beautiful’ Rooftop Garden – Hyderabad, IndiaRooftop gardening ( Dhaka Bangladesh ) May 16, 2016Rooftop gardening ( Dhaka Bangladesh ) Jul 13, 2016Organic gardening tips

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  • Mangala Mary 3 weeks ago

    I wish to see harvest video from you… I really do.. 🙂 <3

  • Gurprit Kaur 3 weeks ago

    Love your gardern very inspiring I wanted to know where did u get grow bags from

  • Ravi Gowda 3 weeks ago

    Hi Sai, what kind of wood is that that you have kept on the concrete blocks to support the wooden containers?

  • nalini bhagavatula 3 weeks ago

    sai,could you let me know the price of these boxes and where they are available

  • Surabhi Sagar 3 weeks ago

    Hi Sai, is rosell the same as gongura?

  • jayash4arav garden 3 weeks ago


  • Chris Towerton 3 weeks ago

    Looks like a very productive place you've created there and seems likely it would do a good job of keeping the roof temperatures down in summer too 🙂

  • Jennifer D'Cunha 3 weeks ago

    Ah ah ah your garden ah is superb young man. Ah thanks for sharing ah…God bless.

  • Rohinton Irani 2 weeks ago

    The idea of raising has one more advantage of water on the terrace getting evaporated instead of remaining stagnant. Try not to line up with plastic cause as the wood rots it will give nutrients also. Love your terrace garden.

  • Kyle Manning 2 weeks ago

    I wish I had a garden like that !! Wonderful !!

  • Sirisha Hosur 2 weeks ago

    Awesome!!! Thanks for these videos.

  • vsnivas 2 weeks ago

    Thank you very much for the detailed information on containers

  • nitin kumar 2 weeks ago


  • Nitika Singh 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for such useful information.