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The “Health & Nutrition Program” at the San Roque Elementary School has got off to a very successful start. It was time to take the next step: in collaboration with the Greenfinity Foundation and the Philippine Department of Agriculture an organic school garden was created, which will supply the students with fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, low-income families will be supported with free vegetables form the school garden and, in case of over-production, the school will be able to sell surplus vegetables and make an extra income. In the spirit of both of the Foundations main principles — to help people help themselves — the students, teachers and parents learn how to create an organic garden, including composting. The families can use this knowledge at home and thereby improve their nutritional situation. The Foundations are very happy about the successful start of the project. A Film by Sammy Lyon and the Zanetti Gardeners. Music by Jo Sallins and Antonio ‘Elevation’ Allen. AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD – Media Institute for Social Change Sustainability Film Festival – 2013 WINNER – Green Living Project: Student Film Festival – 2012 SELECTION – DC Environmental Film Festival – 2010 ————————– ————————– “Fruits and vegetables are delicious and good for you. They make you very healthy. And that’s why I love Sammy and Joe and this garden program for all they have done to our hearts, to make us a good gardening people.” – Genesis, gardener, age 6 School Sprouts Educational Gardens collaborates with educators and community partners to design and implement standards-driven, hands-on garden education programs at several elementary and middle schools in Western Massachusetts. They cultivate enhanced academic performance and student wellness through a multidisciplinary approach that inspires lifelong learning. The film explores the birth of one of these gardens in an urban […]

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  • Regina Freyermuth 1 year ago

    Das ist nicht nur "wunder-bar", sondern phänomenal – was LYONESS & merchants & members bewegen! Congratulation! 

  • Lulu4Him 1 year ago

    What a wonderful thing to do with children! It is a gift for life. Thumbs up!