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Hi there, welcome to Jade’s Nail Salon. Please have a seat and enjoy your birthday pamper. ***FOLLOW ME ON IG*** @ Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! Related PostsSmoby My House childrens roleplay playhouse kids garden toys UKGTA 5 PC Mods – REAL LIFE MOD #7! GTA 5 School & Jobs Roleplay Mod Gameplay! (GTA 5 Mod Gameplay)Eric Thomason Blue Nail Roofing_Consumer Team_Storm ChasersJimmy Clitheroe. The Clitheroe Kid. Dig that crazy garden. Old Time Radio ShowTHE WORST AFTER SCHOOL JOBS | Bully Scholarship Edition #10 Let’s Play / WalkthroughSims 3 Xbox360 edition

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  • nev the talking dog 9 months ago

    i watched this video on my birthday lol

  • nev the talking dog 9 months ago

    this is SO soothing

  • Luna Rosa Lopes P. Recaldes 9 months ago

    you go, girl!!!! kisses from Brazil!

  • Наталья Ивонина 9 months ago

    обожаю Вас!

  • Brenda Robledo 9 months ago


  • Sights and Sounds of the Garden 9 months ago

    Sshh no spam….Sub me!

  • 1503linkin 9 months ago

    Amazing roleplay, as always! Your sound quality is top notch.

  • Jaclyn Fay 9 months ago

    Excellent videos. So relaxing.

  • Amanda Torres 9 months ago

    I love this! You earned a new sub! :)

  • mylifeatrandomASMR 9 months ago

    Your brows are perfect! Actually…I love your whole makeup look. Would you be willing to do this makeup look tutorial? This is very relaxing & thank you. X

  • Michelle DeHaas 9 months ago

    Could you make a video of you applying your makeup to yourself? That would be amazing!

  • ijirving 9 months ago

    Wow, you're just pumping these out lately. Keep em up!

  • Rosie ASMR 9 months ago

    Jade, you have the best sounds in the ASMR community!