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As seen on Hydroshow SE1.1 EP5… A whole host of foods can be grown in hydroponics, even tropical plants in none tropical countries. In this video, Simon from Aquaculture shows us a variety of plants including Bananas, Cucumbers and tomatoes. See the articles from Hydromag alongside our hydroponic videos @ Quick video on installing the DIY Vertical Hydroponic System available on Amazon! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Kits Used In Aeroponics System – Nutrient SolutionArt Garden Vertical Hydroponic Garden, Greenhouse Maximizing Space. Huge Yields, Great Quality[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get StartedBuild Your Own Hydroponic Starter KitsHydroponic Kits and SystemsHydroponic Kits and Systems

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