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Here’s what has been growing on in my home garden. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGarden Design Guru: John Brookes; a Landscape Design LegendEarly Spring Plants Series: Planters, Wall Bags, and Hanging BasketsAll Natural Handcrafted Bamboo Vertical Gardening Towers – BooGardens™Bamboo Hydroponic Vertical GardensHome made bamboo planter, Vertical gardening.Best Out Of Waste Paper Wall Hanging – Bamboo Plant Painting.(Part-1)

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  • On The Way Home 10 months ago

    disappointed you don't show how you put the actual trellis' together. This is more about the plants

  • pbaylis1 10 months ago

    Your garden is right by the sidewalk. I guess passersby are tempted to help themselves.

  • Shoetiefly 10 months ago

    I like Zinnias in and out of the veg garden. Do not ever ever plant Morning Glories in your veg garden. They are invasive reseeders. I planted 'em for the same reason – to add color- and it has taken two years to get the garden back under control.

  • Wise Student 10 months ago

    I have no experience with bamboo….How long in the elements will they last???  More than one season ??  Do you store them in a shed over winter??

  • BSTAR BSTAR 10 months ago

    just goggled how to make Bamboo trellis this video top and then he said May 8th which just happens to be my birthday o.O straaaaaaange……. nice vid btw

  • Mandy Pruitt 10 months ago

    You will regret for the remainder of your property ownership, ever planting mint.

  • David Trees 10 months ago

    Hey J, what happened to this garden bud? I noticed your cheese cloth shade cloth in a more recent video. What did you do with you bamboo trellis system? I want to use Bamboo we grow for future trellising. Cool video. Would love to have seen the results,good or otherwise. Thanks again… David