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At SCI Cambridge Springs master gardener Valerie Walton and her team teach offenders at the prison how to garden. The garden prisoners have created provides lush produce, flowers and much more. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMaster Gardeners’ Community Education GardenMaster Gardeners Visit AndalusiaPima County Master Gardeners 1/13/16Minnesota Master Gardeners: Research and OutreachNE. TN. Master GardenersMarijohn Bledsoe UCCE Master Gardener – San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2010

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  • What/where is this place?

  • Stacy Foster 9 months ago

    This is great! Would love to know who this guy is and how to get into his social media group.

  • Howard Villegas 9 months ago

    he's very well versed but he's kind of a dick. lol. good video.

  • Chef Matt 9 months ago

    Who is this guy and are there any more videos than the 9?

  • dne wls 9 months ago

    I enjoy how this guy trys hard to engage the people in this class.

  • Fritz Klopper 9 months ago

    The best learning video on bonsai I have seen yet. Realy learnt a lot . This guy has a great deal of knowlage and ten out of ten on his lecture.

  • llemon wire 9 months ago

    is that the spelling of NARROWED

  • Josh Hamon 9 months ago

    the guy giving the lesson is a shit head who talks to strangers like that especially ones who came to learn. i would've told his ass off

  • Clinton Grandy 9 months ago

    Praise the Lord for bonsai trees!

  • IdontCare OneBit 9 months ago

    Your analogy with yourself and the four year old was brilliant.

  • Allen Lichner 9 months ago

    Has anyone grown a bonsai pot plant

  • Neil M 9 months ago

    This is like a parenting class.

  • upplsuckimcool16 9 months ago

    guy is an asshole.

  • Michelle Lloyd 9 months ago

    I have just started out with bonsai , got one from garden centre and 2 cuttings. This is an interesting lecture ,I will be watching the others. The guy is great, I hope the others are even more informative, thanks for posting this.

  • Maswd Rana Sayem 9 months ago

    how are you , If anyone else has been searching how to look after bonsai it's worth considering – Banfan Amazing Bonsai Grower (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some super things about it from my sister – just check out the photos – xcellent! 

  • Frank Dowlat 9 months ago

    I have not uploaded the rest of this series of Bonsai, did not have time, but will do so in a month or so, since people like it, if you raise your computer volume, you can hear the class well, i just tested it.   

    this video is several years old, i am not sure if i recorded his name, i will look for it, see if i find him introducing himself.  this guy was in Miami.

  • George Johnson 9 months ago

    Can't hear the class, quite annoying…………………..

  • Josue Ramirez 9 months ago

    This guy is awesome ( : three thumbs up!

  • Tom Weber 9 months ago

    Hello , I was wondering do you still do theses classes and where

  • KingLies 9 months ago

    A Bonsai to me represents wisdom, beauty and time. Bonsai is mono no aware; the pathos of things. It reflects both a transient gentle wistfulness at their passing as well as a longer, deeper gentle sadness about this state being the reality of life. They require care, attention and nurturing. Looking after a Bonsai will help you appreciate more than just the tree, but the needs of other people. As your Bonsai grows, so do you.