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This is the preharvest update of our high pressure aeroponics roots in the TreeFrog by Multiponics. The roots have stayed healthy and happy in our high pressure aeroponics system for almost 4 months now and have produced an amazing crop. We have run our nutrients and additives at over 1200ppm with no clogged nozzles! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to maintain healthy Aeroponic roots part2Early Spring 2016, Welcome To The Rootzone! Aeroponic Roots Are Just AmazingHEALTHY ROOTS Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Grow 10 – PURPLE KUSH (Documented)Aeroponics Growing – Maintaining Your Aeroponics Growing SystemBuild Your Own Hydroponic Fodder System for Cattles Part-3 (Sprouted Seeds Feeding)How To: Transplanting from an EZ-CLONE to Aeroponic System

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  • JDT738126 1 month ago

    So do you need to plumb the excess water back to the reservoir?

  • TreeFrog Multiponics 1 month ago

    @Gangus Green, thanks for the question. Indeed we have! Although techy and adaptable in a small footprint, our products are modular and certainly still thrive in commercial settings. We can also source special pumps, electronics, etc. for custom commercial/industrial situations.

  • vaping popeye 1 month ago

    Looking good man, ty for the video!

  • daveking777 1 month ago

    The particle size of droplets average in microns is what ???

  • TreeFrog Multiponics 1 month ago

    @gangusgreen911 Thank you!! Yes, we have. Our systems are designed to be modular for use anywhere from a closet to daisy chaining hundreds of units together! Feel free to contact us for more details or a custom quote.

  • TreeFrog Multiponics 1 month ago

    @briancallanan Contrary to popular belief, our tests show it's likely that any good beneficials would do their job in keeping salt buildup and sludge down in our HPA systems. We received samples from both Beneficial Biologics ("Sea Green") and "The Other Tomato" and we were very pleased with both products. When using these products we didn't even have to clean our nozzles!

  • Gangus Green 1 month ago

    I will say that your roots look very healthy. Have you done anything on a commercial scale?