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Low pressure aeroponic system version 2 – Progress update #1 This is my first update on my new version of the diy low pressure aeroponic system that I made. The Helios Hab is growing very well and producing lots of peppers. I’m feeding it dyna-gro 7-9-5 at 6 mL per gallon. You can see my build video for this system here – I’m very pleased with it so far. It addresses the issues I encountered with the first version of this system. Related PostsFinal Kickstarter Update, 2.0 Version of Art Garden, NEW High Pressure Aeroponics & Thermal JacketAeroponic Low Pressure System 5 inch Rails vegetable or cannabis – part 1Time Lapse of Bhut Assam in DIY low pressure aeroponics systemD.I.Y. High pressure Aeroponics grow tower update.Marijuana 15 Weeks Flowering Low Pressure Aeroponics SystemDubai TV D I Y High pressure Aeroponics system Universidad Dr Ehisten Godoy Pacheco

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  • vze1k48m 2 weeks ago

    Love your videos!

  • Dritman 2 weeks ago

    Awesome result!

  • Susan Garza 2 weeks ago

    Awesome plant Peter! I love how it is so lush and green yet fruiting.. my plant's leaves start looking bad when my plants go to fruit. Do you know why this is?

  • Khang Starr 2 weeks ago

    Wow, amazing looking plant, Peter!

  • Peter Stanley 2 weeks ago

    The next step I might make with this system is add an auto-waterer, like a large scale aerovoir.