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This short film beautifully illustrates the movement back to locally-grown cut flowers now gaining strength across the United States. With visits to members’ farms, and interviews with farmers, buyers, florists, and our own researcher John Dole, it clearly demonstrates the benefits of local over imported flowers. Cover photo by Christine Chitnis Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsWhy Local Vegetables Deserve The Investment Put ForthPurple Frog Gardens & Farm growing local food with Garden TowersHow to make a vertical pallet planter for growing herbs and flowers – Whanau LivingAmerican Farmer Movie – 1953, Blazey Family | Ford Motor CompanyLocal produce for London’s restaurants from GrowUp Urban Farms, United Kingdom (English)Navuso Agriculture Grooming Fiji’s Future Farmers

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  • Jenifer Acklin 8 months ago

    very good film on growing flowers for profit.  New start up grower and I am looking for ideas.  Thanks so much

  • guloguloguy 8 months ago

    ……You REALLY Ought to try to utilize LOCALLY NATIVE Species!!!! Go to the website of the "Wild Ones"!….

  • Ellofez 8 months ago

    Most importantly the money is staying in your community!

  • aurcherry 8 months ago

    thats it im majoring in botany. plants are everything

  • Humoro kompozicija 8 months ago


  • Green Gate Farms 8 months ago

    Great job, Judy! I'll share on our website.

  • Mike V 8 months ago

    Great video..

  • Amy Houghton 8 months ago

    So inspirational and captures many thoughts, eloquently spoken, about locally sourced flowers!

  • James Alton Thomas 8 months ago

    What a GREAT Source of Inspiration. Thank You for producing such an informative and wonderful video. I am so excited to be starting our own Garden this season for our FARM!

    One of the things that keeps customer coming back again and again are Fresh Cut Flowers!

  • Susan Joyce 8 months ago

    Way to go Baltimore's Ellen Frost!

  • Cindy Kellogg 8 months ago

    I, too, would like to share this on my farm's website.How do I do that? Thanks

  • Shari Keefe 8 months ago

    What a great film! Thanks for sharing-can't wait tile spring now!

  • April Gast 7 months ago

    I think this would be really beneficial for our customers and potential customers to watch.  Can I post this link on my website?  If so, how in the world do I go about doing that?  Thank you, April

  • Barbara Jefts 7 months ago

    This is a very good video showcasing flowers. Please watch!