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Medical marijuana farmer Tom Lauerman has dedicated his life to normalizing cannabis in the U.S. He went from being arrested at his medical collective in 1999, to working with the federal government today to establish the first ever national safety guidelines for the cannabis industry. Related PostsHerbin Farmer – Flushing Hydroponic CannabisLife of an Autoflower CannabisFarmers Associations urge TN Government to waive of All Farmer Loans – Thanthi TVAdvanced Hydroponic System in India | Crops from Drops | Young farmer of PunjabCoCo Mix Indoor Weed Garden Tour | Learn How to Grow Marijuana | Cannabis Room TourCoco Garden Tour Week 6 | Weekly Garden Tour | Learn How to Grow Cannabis Marijuana

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  • Raja Nair 10 months ago

    I am so impressed. And i am planning to live your life style :). I have been planning open Hemp farm here in India and i believe i will shortly do it. I am sure i need lots of inputs from Mr Tom Lauerman. Need his expertise.

  • CD Nairn 10 months ago


  • julio matos 10 months ago

    what's up with music

  • Carson White 10 months ago

    God bless you brother i hope we all make it .. wisdom grace and peace in abundance from jesus .

  • Not Sure 10 months ago

    Absolute Beaty

  • Brenda Lovak 10 months ago

    ebooks on hash, cannabis , magic mushroom check out here

  • Joe Brumfield 10 months ago

    Keep on fighting to good fight Tom. Your work is inspiring

  • DreamOnVids 10 months ago

    this is beautiful

  • Debaucher 10 months ago

    When did Santa Claus start growing weed?

  • gabriel fuentes 10 months ago

    Yo where is it lega too cultivate?

  • Andrew “DeathStar” Brunette 10 months ago

    This man is living my dream

  • SIR Peter Gembus 10 months ago

    God Bless you and your farm lifestyle and health !

  • Michael Murray 10 months ago

    Hay a Murray kin, i want to ask all of you if you have a few extra pot seeds laying around if you would be so kind as to put those pot seeds in the ground this spring. Plant them everywhere! Johnny Apple seed that Mary Jane weed! Please keep in mind, not to go back to the plant after you plant the seeds! Thus no intent to cultivate. If you are busted planted seeds, simple say your intent was for preservation of a species, (preservation of a species is legal! Presuming case, the a Murray kin indians), not criminal intent. not intention of cultivation or distribution! For the rest of we the people, finders keepers!

  • bryan robbins 10 months ago


  • jAM Ab 10 months ago

    plant life matters "

  • Web Line News 10 months ago

    Thank you for the video. I used a screen shot in today's medical marijuana story. Good luck with your continued work.

  • Sean Bateson 10 months ago

    If we all lived alongside each other in peace, like this old dude , without pathetic fallacies like religion, politics and the monetary system, all of our lives would be alot more worth living.

  • Pierre-Marc Long 10 months ago

    col my nid e job 733-2558 ::)

  • Helldpdigr 10 months ago

    My sincere and deepest respect toward your efforts sir. You are an educator in a world where ignorance is the predominant art form. As an educator it will be an uphill challenge — .Peace and sunshine for your trials.