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Subscribe: Disclaimer: As this video was made several years ago, the quality is likely terrible and does not reflect the quality of my current content. Keep this in mind as you watch this video. Thank you. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLet’s Play Grow Part 5 – Grow TowerEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow Food[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get StartedTHE WORST AFTER SCHOOL JOBS | Bully Scholarship Edition #10 Let’s Play / WalkthroughLet´s play Minecraft S4 #46 Grünes DachLets Play Minecraft Mittelalter #043 (german) Grünes Dach und Beta 1.8

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  • Dave Culp 1 year ago

    BTW all of the pictures were from grow games because if it wasn't the 

  • Sonya Mendek 1 year ago


  • Florian Cretu 1 year ago

    no like

  • ThatAwkwardKid 1 year ago

    Thank you for answering man. I'm 14 right now. And, Sadly I have to admit, I have a.. High Voice. Lolz But its just like yours. But now I feel More confident, over what you've done. 😀 If you truely were 14 here. <3 And in 1 Year, Bam your voice was deep as fuck. Thank you man for the Boost of Confidence. <3 I love you man. Btw I've been watching your Grow Videos, Also I saw your Going off to College video, hopefully you'll have a great future. Thank you man.. Thank you…..

  • Bentendowhis 1 year ago

    I must have been… 14? Kinda hard to imagine so much time has passed since I started this channel.

  • ThatAwkwardKid 1 year ago

    HOLY SHIT!!!!! My mind is fucking blown! Your voice changed Sooooo much over 4 years. Holy holy holy holy! How old were you when this video was made, how old were you right now? Please please please answer! @.@ Please

  • Axel Hovmöller 1 year ago

    I have ben played that game be fore

  • Dennis Junior 1 year ago

    or calm your tits :3

  • rosarose randomness channel 1 year ago

    dude. i heard ur voice recently. wow you sound deeper

  • DJ Lightning 1 year ago

    presses dirt only omg i beat tha game

  • Sans The Lazybones 1 year ago


  • Sans The Lazybones 1 year ago

    play megaman 4
    and 2

  • ronan culkin 1 year ago

    at 2:59 you sound like your saying boob

  • Bentendowhis 1 year ago

    Bro. This video was made three years ago. Calm your jets.

  • zombiecreeperz 1 year ago


  • Bentendowhis 1 year ago

    @pessem30300 Well, considering this video was made three years ago, I did sound like a kid back then.

  • pessem30300 1 year ago

    not to be mean but u sound like a kid!!!

  • Bentendowhis 1 year ago

    @TheMother3fanatic Grow Valley? I haven't been keeping up with the newest Grow games. If I got the chance, I'd definitely LP it.

  • Nick H 1 year ago

    You still need to play grow valley

  • Regi819 1 year ago

    SPOILERS:the anser is box with button gold ball bricks land pot monster (note:you only get the monster if you did it right)