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Read more: LEDs are the golden child of the indoor growing industry right now, and that’s no surprise. Indoor farmers have several reasons to be excited about LEDs. They’re sturdy, they produce less heat, they’re versatile, and they’re becoming more and more affordable. And the future is only getting brighter. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIllumitex Horticulture LEDs in World’s largest Indoor Vertical Farm!Upstart Farmers at Indoor Ag Con: Mitch Hagney of LocalSproutLED’s, HVAC, & Breakthrough Innovations | Let’s Talk Indoor Farming!Navuso Agriculture Grooming Fiji’s Future FarmersAre LED’s Worth the Cost? [CAPEX vs OPEX]Marijuana Growing Time Lapse Video LED’s BEAT HID!

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  • Laurie St Lyon 2 months ago

    What about 12v systems for those of us off grid? I live on a Canalboat and want to try a small scale aquaponics setup. However, I want to do it year round so need artificial light.
    Already all my fixed lights and torch/lantern back ups are LED and although I have mains power via inverter almost everything I use is 12v.

  • Just A Dudeinsj 2 months ago

    Try looking into Thinklux growing tube lights. They cheap. You can hang them virtually or horizontally.

  • bruce conrad 2 months ago

    what electrical load is needed? am looking at building on a small lot, 27,000 sq ft, 8,000 buildable area clear of lot line setbacks. Light industrial, natural gas, and three phase available. Local electric company will bring in up to 600 amp 220 single phase for 1500. three phase higher amp or more dollars. subtracting office, and general lighting, hvac etc how much lighting could this support? or do i need to the higher amp three phase?. Central Minnesota 90 miles nw of Minneapolis

  • turdfurgison 2 months ago

    sometimes, a like in the winter, the additional heat generated by HID lighting is beneficial and over all more efficient because you don't have to introduce a separate heat source. you should re do this video in the summer months when heat is a problem rather then a benefit.

  • dfunkt 2 months ago

    lol, my physics professor at colorado state university called incandescent lights "heaters that also generate light". xD LEDs' far cooler operation temperatures (lol, with far greater PAR!) means that for crops that require close lighting and moderate temperatures (e.g., cannabis), your cooling costs are significantly less. additionally, you can get LEDs with diodes that emit in UVB, to increase production of valuable resins, etc.

    LED is definitely the way to go with any indoor grow.

  • cobra646 2 months ago

    I bought a Mars Hydro 300W Led for my aquaponics. It seemed like the best option for my low budget. It couldn't have been happier with it, it grew spinach, swiss chard, basil, etc very well. I would love to buy a couple more of them and really get things super charged.