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The Power Behind Garden-Based Learning and The Top Takeaways From the 2016 Cornell Cooperative Extension Summer Internship Program. Description: Interest in garden-based education is rapidly expanding as people discover the power of working with plants, people and their community. The garden serves as a perfect springboard to teach a variety of subjects while engaging and empowering individuals with relevant learning experiences. Join Cornell Cooperative Extension Schuyler County and Cornell Garden-Based Learning for a webinar workshop focused on garden-based education. Discover why garden-based education is important along with ways you can successfully integrate it into your programs. Hear a CCE summer intern share the top things she learned from her garden-based learning internship in Schuyler County. Date: 8.10.16 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSchedule 40 PVC, Male Garden Hose x 1″ InsertGarden Hose VS Car Fire Part 2HVAC recovery system hook-up and hose purgeLearning to lay out a wreathUSF-Green Space Based LearningSummer Project Based Learning ‘Green’ Showcase

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