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Learning Gardening and Care – Game for Girls Education english game for kids – Preschool learning games Download Game here One of the best girls games! Play gardener and make sure that the plants in the Dream Garden grow tall and healthy! Kids in the garden are already taking care of the plants. Join them and play together! Water the flowers, paint the fence, trim the bushes into funny animals, mow the lawn, and more! Enjoy 13 gardening activities with different tools and plants! Collect coins to unlock new clothes, garden items and best girls mini games! Girls Game Features: WATER THE PLANTS Regularly water the plants with a watering can and see how they bloom! PAINT THE FENCE Grab a paint roller and add new colors to the fence, house and storage shed! GARDEN GOODIES Play Dream Garden every day and collect 10 different garden goodies as you level up! PLANT PRUNING Keep your plants healthy and prune them with plant scissors! TRIMMING TIME Trim the grass around the fence and house! FIND THE PAIR Tap the cards and find matching pictures of garden plants, insects and tools! SHAPE A SHRUB Cut the shrubs into fun shapes and animals with a shrub trimmer! LAWN MOWING Beautiful lawn is a must for the Dream Garden, right? Don’t forget to cut it regularly! GARDEN DRESS UP Gardening is even more fun if you wear your favorite clothes. Play dress up and create a perfect gardener’s outfit! WHEEL OF FORTUNE Visit the old wooden Wheel of Fortune and win up to 500 extra coins every day! LEAF BLOWING Blow away old leaves with a leaf blower and keep the garden neat! RAKING FUN Get the rake and prepare the soil for new plants! KITCHEN GARDEN CARE Time to take care of […]

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