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This is the system I won the 2010 Advanced nutrients contest with. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMirak Agricultural Services – Largest Open Field Hydroponic SystemPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsGreen Roofs: Largest Extensive in New Zealand Uses LiveRoof SystemQuest For The World’s Largest Hydroponic Tomato: How To Clone Tomato PlantsFarmedHere Grand Opening: The World’s Largest Aquaponics SystemAdvanced Hydroponic System in India Crops from Drops Young farmer of Punjab

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  • bigmag 11 months ago

    i seen all your videos and i noticed in the latest ones it looks like you only have two PVC pipes in your manifold, did you hook the return lines all to one pipe,also on the feed line do you use two end caps or just one on the far end .better yet how much do you sell the systems for i would buy one thanks for your time

  • bigmag 11 months ago

    great build nice system what size hoses did you use and what size water pump

  • slyy8585 11 months ago