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There is a lot of urban gardening and guerilla gardening in Korea! Sorry for the wind noise! ;-D FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: http… Related PostsKr?????? ?? ??????? (Urban Gardening)Ideas for Green Walls and Vertical Gardens Urban GardeningUrban Gardening with City Beet Farm on Shaw TVWild Urban Gardening mit Dr. Markus StrauUrban Gardening

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  • nate lucas 2 years ago

    I’ve thought that was cool too. Only problem I’d have with that is the
    pullutant exposure from the car exhausts going by. Oh and other people
    sneaking your hard works harvest haha.?

  • iolausuk 2 years ago

    We have this in the UK and call them Allotments.People “rent” a piece of
    land and grow mainly Veg. Think it started around latw 1700’s early 1800’s
    but became bigger during the WW2 “Dig for Victory” Campaign. Where I live
    most are near Railway tracks as well?

  • andreamoboe 2 years ago

    It happens a lot here in Australia but in Suburban areas and community
    gardens. In quieter areas & not off a highway!
    It is also a good way to get to know people in your area.
    Very cool! Thanks 🙂

  • StanBecky Sander 2 years ago

    Saw this in Japan. I say that a lot as comments to your videos!?

  • TD Flycatcher 2 years ago

    I wish people did this kind of thing more in the states, we seem so
    wasteful in comparison, and we rely on large food producers way too much.
    This would probably never slide in Massachusetts though, people are way too
    protective of their land even if they aren’t using it.?

  • TubaBuddha 2 years ago

    There are a number of cities where that kind of thing is happening.
    Especially in ghetto areas where there is a food desert. Meaning no grocery
    stores where you can get fresh fruit and veg. It seems to be huge in
    Detroit. I am in a small town with mono farming all around us. There are
    very few home gardeners around. One of my friends does do that. I save egg
    shells for her so she can grind them up to add to her compost. I hope to do
    that when and really IF the house I am to inherit gets fixed up. I want to
    build raised beds in the back yard with fencing and netting to keep out
    scavengers. ?

  • Evan and Rachel in Korea 2 years ago
  • Kochigachi 2 years ago

    In Osaka, there’s hobby farms for Homeless people.?

  • A Graham 2 years ago

    We have GORILLA GARDENING in the center of Songdo in Incheon. PRIME REAL
    ESTATE, but there are tiny gardens there until that areas gets busier. I
    kinda want to plant some peppers myself. ?