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Kids Garden, Baby Hippo Learning and educational farm games for kids by Hippo Kids Games

Learning and educational games for kids – Hippo Garden.
In this game, Baby Hippo with friends will harvest in the garden. In the farm, grow various fruits and vegetables that need to collect and spread the three baskets. One basket for fruits, one for vegetables and one for the weeds. Watch out for weeds, they consume foods that grow in the neighborhood.

Rules of the game:
Baby Hippopotamus must determine that grows in the grounds, fruits, vegetables, or weeds, harvest and move it in the right basket.

You must help Baby Hippo to solve these simple logical tasks – harvest. Sort the items on the basket. Try to do it as quickly as possible. And do not forget about weeds.

– Colorful kids farm game;
– Excellent sound design;
– Funny atmosphere;
– Favorite characters Baby Hippo;
– 3 levels of difficult.

Enjoy the new educational farm game

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My daughters love being outside looking for food and digging around in the garden. Then even like finding bugs and playing with worms. I wonder what kid wouldn’t love gardening if they were allowed the experience. If you are parenting a young family consider planting some food with any space you may have. The kids will love it, be more active and you get to eat what you produce. This is so much more healthy for you than what you get from the store and tastes second to none. Digging potatoes is one of their favorite activities to do. Check out this video… I love how excited they get. Don’t forget to subscribe.
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