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Rob finishes his colourful kid’s bedroom makeover. Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, the destination for all your DIY, Food, Garden, Lifestyle and Pet needs. Here you’ll find DIY Lifestyle Hacks, Home Makeover Tips, Quick And Easy DIY How To’s, Gardening Tips and more. Related PostsHow To Build A Kids’ Toy Cooktop | Indoor | Great Home IdeasBetter Homes and Gardens – DIY $1000 Challenge: kid’s bedroom makeoverJason Hodges: Compact Kids Courtyard, Ep 8 (21.03.14) | Great Home Ideas100 Affordable Kids Bedroom Ideas & Designs – Furniture & AccessoriesAdam’s ultimate slip ‘n slide | Great Home IdeasKids in the Garden Great Tips and ideas

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  • Sumisomo Ghalib 2 weeks ago

    i love the book shelf

  • Jose Castillo 2 weeks ago


  • Jose Castillo 2 weeks ago

    at 0:44 I thought he was named

  • 14 FOOTBALL SO 2 weeks ago

    at the end why is the kids book so expensive 22.95 for a book?!

  • 14 FOOTBALL SO 2 weeks ago

    0:47 why is he naked

  • Rachel Groom 2 weeks ago

    that girl is like 10 years old and he used flutes for handles! jeeze, learn the difference between todlers and tweens!

  • Bella Pilkington 2 weeks ago

    Or you could just buy a desk from ikea

  • Willa O'Malley 2 weeks ago

    Is flipping naked

  • Sophia mc 2 weeks ago

    Wat da hell

  • Lps creamuffinsaj 2 weeks ago

    i made a whole room makeover with 300 dollars. this is nothing

  • Emilee Deblasio 2 weeks ago

    This room is hideous. Absolutely gross. You could have made it more feminine and she's gonna grow up and hate her room. You could have spent less and got more. Maybe a nice bed set she could pick out. Or a rug or pretty curtains. You made it look like a boys room.

  • Kawaii Cat100 2 weeks ago

    You wierd bro ewww yuck why do you not have clothes on????????

  • China Norcliffe 2 weeks ago

    why you have no cloths dude

  • Taya Pace 2 weeks ago

    he is weard he did not have any clothes

  • TheW3ird0 2 weeks ago

    are you naked in 38-53 plz tell me

  • WB.Comedy 2 weeks ago

    was he naked at 0:40 who else thinks that

  • Sophieegginton 7 2 weeks ago

    I didn't like the desk or the cupboard

  • MyNamesReg 2 weeks ago

    I'd smash that chick