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People consuming Juice Plus eat REAL food. I personally eat 4-6 meals a day and supplement with Juice Plus. Here is thai green chicken curry taken from the lean body projects 12 day detox plan. Absolutely delicious! Related PostsJuice Plus Distributor Commission Plan ReviewsJuice Plus Marketing PlanJuice Plus & Tower Garden4 Doctors Speak About Juice Plus Benefits Visit For Info On Juice PlusSelling Juice Plus Online – How To Sell Juice Plus Online – Juice Plus Selling Techniques RevealedJUICE PLUS CASO REAL DEL METODO DE SALUD Y CONTROL DE PESO. MAS INFORMACIÓN 630732007

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  • Kayleigh Louise 9 months ago

    that looks delicious I'm so making this!!

  • Ackeem Tucker 9 months ago

    your so beautiful x

  • ihavenoideawhatimdoingbutheyho 9 months ago

    Well done, looks lovely! I'm a terrible cook…..actually I wouldn't say that, I'm just lazy to tell you the truth lol x