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  • Dawn McCovey Heckel 1 year ago

    I take Juice Plus, but I can't get them here in the US. Can you please tell me if I can buy them from you?

  • Zoe Godfrey 1 year ago

    I got theses and tried one and made me feel so sick just the taste of it I couldn't even swallow half the cup, is there a way to make it taste better or do you get used to it? As I spent a lot of money I don't wanna waist it but I just can't stand the taste is there anything I can do to actually drink it?

  • janelindsey aj 1 year ago

    I was told u can just take one a day I'm a distributor but my weight has stopped losin I'm doin wat I'm meant to shake snack shake snack meal booster twenty min before meal but no weight lost 🙁 if ur on Facebook add me please Lindsey Jane Juiceplus Ajah Ty