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  • Audrey White 1 year ago

    So unless the person is speaking above your IQ level you can't trust the information given, is that what you're saying? Dr.Oz talks like that all the time and so do the other doctors delivering today's health messages on T.V.
    Try it before you knock it!?

  • Stacy Spradling 1 year ago

    I know this, I went on Juice Plus and after four months of doing nothing differently (except for taking Juice Plus) my cholesterol dropped by 20 points, now 6 months later it is down 30 points. The bloodwork doesn't lie. I have been on cholesterol medication for 8 years and they had to keep increasing the dose because nothing was helping. Now they are decreasing my dose and I am hoping to be off the meds altogether.?

  • Chris Tanti 1 year ago

    Any links to peer-reviewed papers please? Any independent reviews of the product??