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As the newly appointed chancellor of Chicago’s City Colleges, Salgado’s job will be to upgrade student performance. Video Rating: / 5 Relive the seedy, neon, flourescent glow of Chicago’s former Red Light District circa 1966. Location: Rush St. looking north from Chestnut and surroundings. Here’s a little music film I put together featuring music by Linda Lawley & Mark Ross’ “Bazoom Room”. Footage from ‘B-Roll” filmed by Mr. Boyle for director Mr. Hill on June 17th in 1966 for an NBC Special White Paper report on crime. The footage was so historically forgotten, I just had to share. It’s now all just a faded memory. Google Maps Street View shows it’s all gone. For YouTube search purposes, See 1966 NBC White Paper Crime Art Movies where Real Life Adults Only Movie are shown next door to Ralley Alley and Gai Paris Theater where they show an exotic and topless bodyshop revue where there’s no cover charge. Next door you’ll find Sneeky Pete’s Prime Steaks featuring Eric Linton at the Piano Bar. Red neon lights adorn the entrance to Whisky A GoGo further down the road from Wonderland Palace of Fun adult movie theater. Topless Harem Girls are Topless – and won’t be on T [sic] and the local Lounge. Men Only and walk in free – movies in rear – are in an air conditioned theater lit by stark white and blue flourescent lamps, the theater touting itself by featuring Burlesque Movies in the Fun Parlor. TISHU POPS, the East Coast Sensation, and Go-Go Girls will share the stage at the Discotheque. As we progress, Chicago’s Famous fablulous Follies Burlesque Theatre offers Tanya Leigh on the Stage and Natures Intent on the Screen on the flashy marquee. There’s never a cover at Bourbon Street where they present Topless Bottomless Debbie […]

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  • Wally Kaspars 3 months ago

    The Follies was on State Street, just south of the Congress. One block further was the Rialto. Two great strip clubs.

  • downersgroveresident 3 months ago

    Isn't Fransville on the northwest side of Chicago?

  • downersgroveresident 3 months ago

    This is awesome. I remember these signs when I was a driving riding around in the back of my parents car. I told my mom that when I get old. I am going to go to those places. LOL!!!!!

  • pfordsq 3 months ago

    Who'da thunk that Rush Street was once cool ?
    Milt Trenier at 1:27 , Oscar Brown at 1:47.
    Milt was still playing on and around Rush Street , as late at the Late 90's ,
    and is still going strong , today , though mainly in the burbs and that fake speakeasy joint , Untitled. Well… was'nt too heinous when I saw him there.

  • MSTS1 3 months ago

    Good job, as usual..

  • john johnson 3 months ago

    this is not what I expected when I put in windy vaginas