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First broadcasted on the 27th November 1961 Checking out all the cool fruits and vegetables my friends family grow on their farm. It’s all ORGANIC and self sustainable. I would say that it’s pretty awesome. If you haven’t you should check out my website: And if you wanna know more about this awesome gardening project than check out: SUBSCRIBE! LET’S CONNECT! — — Our Surfing Channel Related PostsCrazy Kids in the garden!Nail Salon ASMR *-KID EDITION ROLEPLAY-*Neymar Jr. Attempts Terrifying Shot from Jimmy Kimmel’s RoofJimmy Page & Robert Plant Live in ChicagoJimmy Page & Robert Plant Chicago 1995 (Since I’ve Been Loving You) BEST VERSIONLearning & Growing, Gardening, Preserving & Learning A 25 Min show

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  • GamerZone 10 months ago

    I can't buy those seeds, I would like to have pepper seeds because I like hot food. I hope some day I can find a shop where they sell pepper seeds, or can I just use the seeds out of a pepper from the grocery store?

  • AgroSuede Backyard Gardening 10 months ago

    wow! a lot of raised beds! love it.

  • Artavien Terry 10 months ago