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While most people in the world are considering more energy efficient means of living, Japan is one step ahead. One solar-powered city offers an energy self-sufficient community that produces its own power. Let’s take a look. These dark rectangular solar panels could hold the key to a completely self-sufficient community. Ota City, located about 80 kilometers north of Tokyo, is one of Japan’s sunniest spots and home to strawberry fields. Quite interestingly enough this nature hotspot is where 550 homes are given free solar panels from the government, as part of a study on how avoid blackouts by sharing solar power. Mika Hiroshima’s family moved to the neighborhood three years ago to try out solar power. All of her electrical appliances are mostly powered by solar energy and when they have some unused electricity left, they can sell it to a local power company and make a profit of up to 5,000 yen, or about 50 U.S. dollars, a month. [Mika Hiroshima, House Wife]: “I had never thought I’d be receiving money instead of paying when I receive electricity bills. People had told me how good this is but I didn’t believe it until I actually saw negative numbers on my electricity bills. Then I realized how wonderful this system is.” Solar panel makers say that at high noon in sunny weather, a 4-kilowatt rooftop power generator can yield enough power to run four dryers at once. In cloudy weather, the power generated is less than half of that. Experts say if families buy them at the current market price, it would take two to three decades before they could recover costs of about two million yen, or 20,000 U.S. dollars. Ota housing development manager Kazuo Nakashima says the high equipment cost still is the biggest challenge in spreading the […]


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  • Sarkissov 8 2 weeks ago

    Japanese Technology always good.

  • apostate001 2 weeks ago

    If you think that the Japanese understand energy saving technology, then you clearly don't know a damn thing about Japanese housing and obviously never been here. Japanese houses are third world level. Do some research before attacking Republicans. They have enough evil on their side without the need to lie about Japanese housing.

  • LCxCZ 2 weeks ago

    Africa first needs to stop being so fucking lazy

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  • kangsan2014 2 weeks ago

    Japan understands science better than America, especially the backward, third-world Republicans. We should model the Japanese when it comes to science and energy saving technology.

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  • Xavier Pino 2 weeks ago

    2:22 looks like Canada

  • Xavier Pino 2 weeks ago

    fusion enegy > fossil enegy

  • Ankh Ama 2 weeks ago

    LMFAO so true… yet so sad.

  • Morph Verse 2 weeks ago

    In the Netherlands in the City Heerhugowaard : City of the Sun we have a Solar Island.

  • Tigran Oganesyan 2 weeks ago

    this will never actually be put into effect ANYWHERE, why? cause the biggest income of EVERY nation comes from utilities and they wouldn't willingly give that up, they already have the technology to completely remove the need for gasoline, or any fossil fuel but it will never be put into affect cause the governments of countries won't make money off of them

  • astrialkil 2 weeks ago

    @cornrows1978 that will never happen anywhere in this world !

  • cornrows1978 2 weeks ago

    free from government………………..will never happen in north america

  • 佐藤元宏 2 weeks ago

    @angelablass , you are right. The modern history is full of craps created by the Rothchilds, who have been establishing central bank with a power to print money out of nothing.