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Check out this video to see how to build a very simple and inexpensive trellis for any size raised bed garden. Using some scrap wood that I already had I was able to keep the cost of each of these below . These are great for growing peas, cucumbers, pole beans, or any other vining crop. In our case we have six 6′ X3′ raised bed garden boxes that were made from free pallet wood. I choose to run a trellis down the long side of each box so that I could maximize the amount of climbing crops I could grow. Our family loves pickles and peas so that will be the main use for them this year. This is also the best angle for the sun so that as the vining crops get bigger they will not block out the smaller crops in the box below. I started by cutting 3 2X4’s into 6′ pieces and 6 2X4’s into 45″ pieces. This will make the trellis about 48″ tall from the height of the dirt but you can make them shorter or taller of course. Next I ripped down the 2X4’s into 1 3/4″ wide strips (cutting each one in half long ways). At this point you have made all the cuts that you need for six trellis’s. There are many different ways to connect the frames together but I choose to use a half-lap joint in this case. this will be the strongest joint that will withstand the wind and weight of the fruit hanging in the wind here in Michigan. I used a circular saw to cut each joint down 3/4″ by making several close cuts at the ends of each board. I then chiseled out that area until it was fairly flat. These don’t have to […]

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  • Natalya Sweeney 3 weeks ago

    This video was made in 2015. It's 2017 now. Would you have any advise or anything you would of corrected? (I.e… Veggies too heavy for fishing wire; how to fix the sagging).Thank you!

  • Rob Rob 3 weeks ago

    Can you please explain what you mean by "square foot garden"?? I'm just wondering! I have been gardening for countless years, and cannot seem to figure out what "square foot gardening" is considered. Perhaps it is a newer term, since I am only hearing of it on YouTube. Possibly an interchanging term for raised beds?
    Thanks! Great video by the way!

  • ChrisD4335 3 weeks ago

    fishing line dose contain lead

  • NubianP6 3 weeks ago

    I finally made one of these today, and it turned out great! I chose to go ahead and pre-drill/pre-string it (without tying it off) before putting it up, then I simply tightened and tied the line once I had the trellis secured in place. I also went ahead and did some vertical lines for extra reinforcement. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing this project!

  • Tiffany lovely 3 weeks ago


  • Demetrius Holmes 3 weeks ago

    would this work for tomatoes

  • Fred Woods 3 weeks ago

    Great garden, terrific trellis', they are almost invisible, you r homestead is really looking good , thanks for sharing.Blessings! !!!!!

  • Grow at Home 3 weeks ago

    this looks pretty simple but effective I may use this for my raised beds

  • Emma T 3 weeks ago

    it is a very good one, i just dont get which part is "invisible"

  • cltinturkey 3 weeks ago

    This is the best idea ever! I finally got mine finished and installed and the peas are SO happy. They just seemed to lift up their heads and jump up overnight. I even painted my trellises in bright leftover paint. Thank you for this great method!

  • Suze Dunmow 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for this posting, I find it an interesting idea, and your finished job looks really good….

  • Leslie Russell 3 weeks ago

    They are beautiful! I made teepees with scrap 1×2"s and chicken wire for cucumbers, which worked well but powdery mildew destroyed the crop. 🙁 I'm going to copy your terrific idea for the next climbing crop (it won't be cucumbers).

  • Yak Motley 3 weeks ago

    Awesome video! New subscriber!

  • Mooken Sis 3 weeks ago

    Love it! What a great idea!

  • Inger Haugland 3 weeks ago

    That looks great!

  • Mark L 3 weeks ago

    What about weed eater line?

  • Chynah dahl 3 weeks ago

    They turned out great. I'd like to build this type of trellis. One of the best videos I've watched so far. TFS.

  • BackTo Basics 3 weeks ago

    I love the look of these and how it will produce a green wall rather than the wood lattice. Thank you for sharing this idea!