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ahhahaah that’s a 2 dozen egg carton, not 12 dozen! Using the egg carton greenhouse method I would recommend watering twice a week, to dampen the soil, and c… Indoor garden It’s easy to grow all kinds of plan at home. With LED, it can not only save energy but promote the speed of grow FYI. http://bestgreen.tistory…. Video Rating: 5 / 5 Related PostsHow to Germinate Seeds for Hydroponics | How to Grow Indoor PlantsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesHow To Germinate Seeds In Peat PelletsHow To Germinate Seeds & Prepare them for HydroponicsThe Gardener Plants the Seeds Song for Kids | Gardening Songs for Children | The KiboomersGood Project For Kids Is Gardening How To Do Which Are Best Plants To Grow Children Gardening Tips




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