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This is my attempt to grow vegetables indoor during the winter. All the seeds I am growing are heirlooms. Video Rating: / 5 Growing herbs in containers with grow lights (in a grow box) is one of my favorite ways (next to using a hydroponic system) of indoor gardening. This is a quick look at my indoor herb garden…hope you enjoy! Growing herbs indoors is efficient and feasible if you do it correctly, and you always have fresh herbs to use for cooking. Herbs do well when growing in containers as long as you provide good lighting and ventilation. You can grow herbs in a grow box, grow tent, or by simply placing your containers adjacent to south facing windows…this is where most natural sunlight will penetrate indoors. Parsley, Rosemary, and Basil were just a few examples today on herbs being grown indoors, but there are a vast array of other herbs that will grow nicely indoors. There’s nothing better than having your own fresh cooking herbs growing indoors to use at your leisure. Video Rating: / 5 Related Postshow to grow an indoor vegetable gardenAwesome indoor vegetable garden apartmentIndoor Plants : How to Grow a Vegetable Garden IndoorsI SUCK AT GARDENING!! | MY INDOOR GARDENING EXPERIMENTIndoor Gardening: Vegetable Gardening: Germinating SeedsBest Vegetable to Grow for Indoor Gardening & More Organic Gardening Q&A

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  • Craig Horton 10 months ago

    the fan is fine…The constant wind created will make the plant stalks that much stronger, also will aid in pollination later

  • Levkin 10 months ago

    Wow, bring those lights down, indeed !! They should be 1-2 inches from the tops of those poor plants that are stretching to get to those lights.

  • Tom Diana 10 months ago

    no fluorescent bulbs work but the plant bulbs do have more of the light spectrum that plants need. 

  • jake Melone 10 months ago

    do i need to use grow lights?

  • Pam Drover 10 months ago

    Great Job for even trying in a basement! Just a suggestion other than what everyone else said (to put your lights closer… 😉 if you find the stem leggy as the plant grows, don't be afraid to repot it more than once into gradually larger containers and when you do, bury as much of the stem that you can that is leggy (skinny) It will make your plant stronger and the stem unser the soil will produce new roots. I'm fairly new…but it worked for me! Cheers

  • Tom Diana 10 months ago

    @puertoricanfl15 I use plant and aquarium bulbs 

  • puertoricanfl15 10 months ago

    what lights are u using?

  • Watson 10 months ago

    @Tomdiana We share an accent lol. 

  • Watson 10 months ago

    Are you from southwest PA?

  • zcrazyhorse4me 10 months ago

    just wondering how it was going?

  • Donald Donavan 10 months ago

    I have got some good results from LED grow lights and a much smaller fan. They pay for themselves in the long run I am thinking.

  • check2wice 10 months ago

    you dont need the fan, thats a waste of energy

  • Brndon076 10 months ago

    you can lower the FL's

  • iulian28ti 10 months ago

    you know, you can slow down that fan. you don't need a hurricane ;)

  • 450slinger 10 months ago

    try bringing you lights down closer to your plants ..bout 6in. away. more intense light more growth.

  • kokonutbaby1 10 months ago

    Well how did it turn out?

  • PainChaud 10 months ago

    I guess if you give good stuff to your plant the electrical bill won't matter because you will be getting better food than at the super store! oh and when gardening experimenting is the best way to learn! =)

  • Erich Maelzer 10 months ago

    Did you ever consider this might be a good hobby? Hobby's cost money.

  • hauntee 10 months ago

    agree to maybe lower the fan..its purpose it to help pollinate and imitate nature and air flow. Regarding the light set up the gro lights are designed for indoor growth and have both the correct balance of red and blue to promote flowering and fruit/vegetable production…I think your set up is great and as the other post said you need the hid they will raise your energy bill a ehole lot more and give up more heat too…your doing best with the lights you have ;)

  • sexytimetommy 10 months ago

    have a look at mr green, how to grow green. he'll show you how to set up a proper grow room dosen't matter what your growing, like the gentleman below said, there are basic rules of thumb for indoor growing. you will need a 600w high pressure sodium which will provide you with the much needed heat in winter. also some extraction. preferably run through a room thermostat so you can set the temperature.. good luck, any questions feel free to ask

  • agirlwithnoname 10 months ago

    Nice set up. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Ryan Riske 10 months ago

    Very nice grow box setup! I'm gonna keep this video in mind when I make  New one. Thanks for sharing

  • threedogwrite 10 months ago

    I'm so glad to see someone using the lower wattage cfl bubs in a simple setup that works so well.  Please do more videos.

  • Sheds Direct 10 months ago

    Growing herbs indoors in container will grow very well when there is sufficient light and proper ventilation. Aside from its easy to look and manage, you can pick up anytime a fresh and nutritious foods right in your home. Avoid worrying for fresh foods since you can start your lifestyle healthy and green through growing your own veggies. Thanks for the great information! 

  • IndoorGardenTips 10 months ago

    Yes, those are computer fans, and I spliced the wires with an AC adapter (old cell phone charger that I had laying around). You could use a computer power source, but that would be very bulky.

  • Maya Chan 10 months ago

    Are those computer fans hooked up to a computer power source and then plugged into the wall?